Saturday, May 31

Durian Flavored Ice Cream

So darn overdue with this...sorry dear Pallavi.

1. Last movie you saw in a theater?
A. Ummm...I'll skip the crappy Tamil movies...the last real movie I saw in a theater is Cloverfield...passable...

2. What book are you reading?
A. Now flipping through...Stephen Baxter's 'Exultant', Gregory Benford's 'Cosm', Rob Charles Wilson's 'Mysterium' and John Darnton's 'Neanderthal'. Yeppp I'm a serial reader!??? I just love having lots of books near the bed.

3. Favorite board game?
A. Oh!...(breaks down...crying non stop....) All those memories with my cousins...We used to play boardgames like nuts 20 years ago... :( Its Monopoly and Scrabble. I love the mystery card in Monopoly...used to read all of it during the game and wishing the dice would lead me to it.

4. Favorite magazine/s?
A. Ok totally blank on this...Internet killed Magazines long ago...But I still maintain subscriptions to New Scientist. Used to follow Graphis religiously...then the library decided to stop its subscription.

5. Favorite smells?
A. Smell...of the unadulterated morning air...

6. Favorite sounds?
A. Not a good Q for a depression sufferer...sound, and light actually triggers migraines in me. But sound/music from the Piano, and Flute is ok I guess...

7. Worst feeling in the world?
A. When Excitement turns to Boredom in 20 seconds.

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
A. 'Not again!'

9. Favorite fast food place?
A. I always feel wasteeeedd after ff adventures...but maybe a McChicken or Pizza is fine...

10. Future child’s name?
A. Optimus Prime...ok no. :D no plans, none ever.

11. Finish this statement. “If I had lot of money I’d….?”
A. Cry. Give it away. And Return to my normal routine. (i rarely get to spend money the way I really want it these days)

12. Do you drive fast?
A. Yes...especially with passengers because they know I'm such a funny (lousy) driver and it scares the hell out of them when I go 160...smiling all the way...with one hand on the steering and another on the handbrake or door-handle. Mwhahahahahah!

13. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
A. Yeh...I got a Gemma Atkinson life sized stuffed doll...did you say animal? Well according to senor Freud...

14. Storms - cool or scary?
A. Cool...Apocalypse.

15. What was your first car?
A. If all goes well its going to be a Japanese early July.

16. Favorite drink?
A. All of em...with sugar. (I love Green Tea Ice Blend from greenbucks.)

17. Finish this statement, “If I had the time I would….”?
A. Probably accept a few more jobs and get into serious mess and back to square one of if I had time I would finish those jobs and accept more jobs and get into serious mess and return to square one...

18. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
A. I love Yes! used to hate them as a kid...but now I dig them so much...

19. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?
A. Electric Blue with neon orange and pink stripes. Yes.

20. Name all the different cities/towns you’ve lived in?
A. Sungai Petani, Bandar Baru Bangi, Seremban, Kajang...duh! you had to ask right? Now just google em.

21. Favorite sports to watch?
A. Soccer.

22. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?
A. Pallavini tagged me...the nicest thing about her is...she knows me very well. and that makes me happy...coz I know she wont judge me. One thing only? :p She is crazy cool and when she IM's me...we yak and yak about stuff all night long...

23. What’s under your bed?
A. Uh...what's under my bed? How do you know what's under my bed? How do you even know I sleep on a bed?! As one famous scientist said...Under the bed is 99.00% of the missing matter of the universe. Then there is the 0.90% of Bed material. then 0.09% of bedsheets. Then the insignificant 0.01% human on the bed. Yep...didn't answer the question...

24. Would you like to be born as yourself again?
A. You bet your candy ass I want to be born again! I love the miserable loveless me!

25. Morning person, or night owl?
A. I rarely get to see owls here...saw one at the bird park a long time ago. it didn't turn its head 360 degrees so i guess that much was false advertising. Oh and that Owl army in Hairy Potter was freaky. I guess if I had a Polar Bear pet...ill feed it with owls too. what was the question again?

26. Over easy, or sunny side up?
A. Is this about eggs? or is it sex related?

27. Favorite place to relax?
A. In the darkness...the abyssal voids of the universe. to achieve this, close all windows, doors, etc. Turn of the lights. and just find a corner and sit.

28. Favorite pie?
A. Something with some blueberry stuff in it with thin crust and stuff.

29. Favorite ice cream flavor?
A. Raspberry ripples and mint and stuff. I guess I don't have real Favorite favorite ice cream flavor. Oh Durian flavor is so darn good...

30. Of all the people you tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first?
A. I'm not tagging any...tags are for rainy days and everyone has tags lined up. I just turned down a tag from Solitaire today. So currently my tag que is empty after this tag...

[#] Finally got this weeks stuff sorted out...End of Week 22. and I don't want to think about the weekend, coz week 23 assignments are already in -[[O..o]]- And finally got the Internet connection back to normal...after killing the Internet Demon. Sorry if I didn't drop by...will do so soon.


Shiv said...

and even the smell of it
how do u manage icecreams with that GP

Ghost Particle said...

[shiv] lol...I'm from Malaysia! we're supposed to love Durian...its just another fruit here. the smell is heavenly. :)

Keshi said...

Good one Ghosty. A nice change in ur blog. Cos I hvnt seen ya doin tags before :)

**7. Worst feeling in the world?
A. When Excitement turns to Boredom in 20 seconds.

I so agree with that one! I get easily bored too. I get excited only for few mins. LOL!

**8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
A. 'Not again

lol u r sooo like me Ghosty!

My mum loves Durians. I dun mind it but its got this revolting smell. :)


Keshi said...

check ur email Ghosty :)


Nahuatl said...

What's the progress, boy?
How many tasks finished? =D

Solitaire said...

Oy! I liked Cloverfield a lot!
Oy! I love Scrabble. They call me Scrabble Queen.
Oy! What's with the "not again" every morning. You need therapy!
Oy! If you want to give away money, give it to ME!
Oy! I HATE durian icecream. It does not taste real.
Sigh! Why did you remind me of durian?

Alok said...

Interesting .. and an enjoyable read :)

Donn said...

Indiana Jones..dozed off in the middle!

I can only make through Magazines
Nat Geo, Psychology Today

None..they don't call them bored games for nuthin'

Psychology Today

Morning Coffee, chocolate, and my wife's perfume

Children laughing, LOUD MUSIC, and chirping birds

When I forget something


Mickey Ds

Not gonna hapen already have 4..
but it would be Dash, Cosmo or Thor
no more girl DNA left in my loins

wouldn't hoard it

I drive nice and easy

do inflatable dolls count?

storms are UBER KEWL!

1961 International Travelall mini bus $100

Rum & Coke

volunteer more

yes I like stems on broccoli but not my grass

shocking white

Winnipeg, Calgary, & Brandon

World Cup and Ladies Mud Wrestling

Ghostay is a gentle soul

porno and an UZI

no, George Clooney

Both actually
I sleep for about 5 hours and have a power nap after supper

sunny side up

in front of my monitor

my Mom's flapper & apple pie


Nobody because I don't usually do these...but thanks for asking

yeskarthi said...

I wonder how does the Durian flavored ice cream smell?

Jeevan said...

cleared questions of some, nicely done the tag.


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