Thursday, May 1

Chelsea vs Liverpool

Some afterthoughts... Sir Alex wanted Liverpool to be in the Finals, and we all know why. For a team struggling on the pitch, playing most of the time with a single striker and well don't have a 'real' 11 man team on the field of course Liverpool would have been a great team to meet in Moscow. But though luck ManU, you will get somebody worth of kicking your collective asses come this 22 May. I just hope Chelsea doesn't hand down the trophy to ManU cheaply. Just for the record, I hate ManU like all red blooded Liverpool fans not because of the team but because of the fans. Just about the most sadistic buggers you can find anywhere out there.

Not taking away any credit from Chelsea, I find myself laughing at the blabbering of Avram Grant. He said he did it his way? Well probably he doest read the news much, just like Rafa Benitez won the 2005 UCL with Gerard Houllier's team, Avram Grant goes to the final this year with Jose Mourinho's team. The most expensive ensemble of footballers in any club ever. It is a biased comment actually considering the Spanish giants spend more on under performing Brazilians, but Chelsea was a nobody before Roman took over. I can sing all about Chelsea having no history along me fellow scouse's but yesterday Chelsea finally won an important fixture over Liverpool. So much for stumping them in the past 4 years, this year Moscow will see two giants battling it out. Probably the two biggest failures and the reason for Jose's departure would be Michale Ballack and Andriy Shevchenko. It feels good knowing they contribute nothing to Chelsea's progress. Droga stood tall against Rafa's criticism, it doesn't change things much knowing that he is a dive master, another of world footballs achievements in producing primadona's on the field, and catching lame referees ofguard. Yesterday there should have been a penalty for LFC because of Drogba, but that too doesn't matter now.

Some thoughts remain of what to become of Rafa. He just failed in the most important times when his much hyped tactical mastery was needed on the field. Playing with a single striker, not starting Babel, not starting Crouch...there will be no end to this. But the fact remains that we had great European nights, and almost all involved Liverpool. Been there, watched them for years and years struggling, fighting and not giving up. Yesterday could have been so different, but strangely even the most 'experienced' fan would have senses its not going our way. I had one guy, who for the past two years comes to the restaurant where I watch these games telling me it will be hard for Liverpool to win this. Turned out he was a Liverpool supporter all along, so much for the jersey wearing maniacs of ManU...I think Liverpool fans are the wisest of the lot. Sue me.

English football looks great this year, having been guaranteed the UCL trophy and beaten the best of the Italian and Spanish teams, it looks like the glory days of the 70's and 80's are back. It would have been a sweep for Liverpool since then if not for the unfortunate Heysel tragedy, but that too didn't deter us from coming back, albeit a two decades later. Dominance in this arena means money, a lot of it. It ensures the flow of good players into the team, and satisfy the fans. But its not enough if we keep on seeing foreign players dominating the local leagues. Something must be done to balance English teams with homegrown players, and control their price tags to entice the foreign managers to notice them.

Why Chelsea deserves to be in the finals is because of how Lampard and Terry became the poster boys of English football. If there is a list of modern day greats of all the English teams, it will be Gerrard and Lampard who reigns at the top, and the workhorses Cara and Terry. But that's not the issue, teams like ManU and even Chelsea and Liverpool has just lost their plot on what an English game should be. The biggest criminal would be Arsene Wenger and Arsenal who seems to have lost total faith on homegrown players. In the future, this will do more damage to the league, as much as we the foreign legions of fans love to watch stars from all over the world, without talents such as Gerrard on the field, there is no English football to remember or treasure.

All said (and done), the finals of the 2008 UEFA Champions League will be on the 21st (22nd in Asia) of May. And you know who I'm going to support...ok don't guess, it will be Chelsea for Lampard and for him to down ManU. This years finals brings England to the same level of Spain and Italy for having won 11 cups each. Many more to come.


Pauline said...

Go Team!!!

Ghost Particle said...

Thx Pauline! :)

Cinderella. said...

You have lost it.
Over soccer ?!?!?!?!?!

Bhai, you sounding like teen !!!!

Damn cute !

Miladysa said...

So close and yet so far away Ghosty!

I was cheering Liverpool on - thought you were going to get there in the last few minutes!

C'est la vie!

Who are you supporting in the final?

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy] cute!!! girl! oh man...its a manly mans game... :( but i like it when u like it :P

[milady] Yes Milady...shared ur feeling...well..its another day another time :) Ill b pinning for Chelsea...jst coz I hate Man U. and also...coz Drogba and Lampard...theyre good. Ill do it just for Lampard and Terry coz they're English men who has the last great hold on an increasingly 'lesser' English sides fielded these days. :)

Keshi said...

ok :)

And how come u dun visit me anymore? Its alright.


Keshi said...

I was only teasin ya!


Nachi said...

Yay!! Chelsea rules!! and now you admit it as well....

we guys are incorrigible when it comes to football...and Man U sucks..BIG TIME!!

and yeah, as for Liverpool..offense bro, but the Blues had to win.


brocasarea said...

being a liverpool fan was little bit sad..but now will support chelsae anti-manu]!!!

Donn said...

You Too!?

As the coach of a 'soccer' team made up of 7 year olds I need to remind you that it's just a Game and that the main thing is to have fun.

Oh and Score Goals NOT Drugs!

Ghost Particle said...

[kesh] I do! :P i told u why da. :)

[nachi] yeh bro...its about time Chelsea did something good. and hope they beat MU.

[donn] im going nuts over this Donn...ive had massive fights wit ppl who go against me on soccer...i even fought with the restaurant owner where i watched the match the other day :)

Ghost Particle said...

[broca] we will damn well support chelsea...screw manureU


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