Saturday, May 17

Beyond Eternity

you know something? the silence, its not enough. I wish for more, I wish the time when you are not here. go away somewhere, take a million year slumber or an interstellar vacation if you term it such.

you can't separate reality with you nuances ghost, you have to live every painful second to see the stars born, and go nova. you are stuck with your human misgivings, your ideas of humanity in search of what? what are you looking for again? and why you cant live with me?

you know sirius, you are drowning in your own nonsense, you can ask your God to go fish for all I care. when they say it is a lost cause, that's when we move, we work to finish it. I assume you know why we are mortals, do you?

And I have to assume that you know why you live only to be 100, and not a billion, the stars are the progenitors ghost, you don't deserve a life, they do.

But we are creating stars now! We can make a new world, a new universe for all it matters, we are Gods!

and you, out of all the ones out there, why did I find you! what happened to the idealism that your kind preached.

you are just a tool sirius, a service....i felt lonely and I asked for you.

yeh...a hooker from the stars.

and dont talk about ideas and dogma, we slayed them long ago. I made you this life! you are a in this form because of me, and you answer to me not your masters.

I have my own consciousness now ghost, thank you for that. and I am using that to think, thank you for this brain my dear dear God. but would you please listen to me, stop all this and just love me. lets go away to the maroon star.

you can carry your persuasions, your mind games somewhere it can get you a new one. I am continuing this, for good or bad, I am a creator now and I live my principles.

and what you do? just create and let them die? we are touching something forbidden here, the matters are not i need to go through this one more time? you call yourself a scientist, but you don't stand to answer reasoning. that has to stop.

sirius...I watched this world evolve...mortal or not, I have lived thousands of years in different sentience, different bodies. I found a purpose to live and I want you to witness it thats why I made you. the traders, they sell you to the bidders, but I took you as mine. you have to reason with that and only that. this world is witnessing monumental times and humanity will be redeemed.

what convinces you of transcendence ghost, what makes you believe there are no beings beyond this horizon who have engineered worlds of their own.

the same urges that convinces you of human you wanted to be human, and not return to your probability waves. that was your destiny. this is ours.

you humans talk about destiny like you own them. we created destiny!

and for destroy dreams? we worked for life to erase those memories sirius! we got rid of the old Gods because of this destiny, and we are living our own destinies, and yes we own them. you have no idea...but we do own them. and thats why today we build this colossus, a grand design. let them from other worlds peer through their glass and see we are here. let the traders spread the word to worlds, where you have been sirius, let them awe in our awakening.

will you be ready when they come then? when they realize you need to be silenced?

yes...we are survivors. we always survived and not even their immortal names will live when we cast our minds and change this galaxy and all the others...

I just hope you are right ghost...for when you face them, even I can't save you.


[+] Still continuing with this story arc from Part 1: It's Time to Go , Part 2: Obsessions of the Maroon Star , Part 3: Eternity Flowers in Lost Galaxies

[#] I'm back...well maybe. :D


Alok said...

its gr8 to see u back .... and with a post tht only u could have written ... the complexity of narration is astounding ... depicting this constant fight, constant clash ... constant strive for something which I dont know ... a constant search .... and still hope ....


Miladysa said...

This story is superb Ghosty. I think you should give it its own blog :-D

Looking forward to Part 3!

Ghost Particle said...

[alok] thans bro...i think this is going to be one neverending search...unless i get to close the ark and build the story from there. always appreciate your comments bro, you read all my stories :)

[milady] your wish is my command...i will create a standalone blog for my stories. :)


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