Wednesday, April 23

YNWA Liam Harker

YNWA Liam Harker
We Walk As One
We Sing As One
We Live as One
God Bless You Liam Harker
You'll Never Walk Alone

[+] Liam Harker; Liverpool Fan dying of cancer.
[+] report
[+] Liverpool drew (1-1) with Chelsea for the 1st leg of the 2008 UCL Semifinals today giving Chelsea an away goal advantage. The 2nd leg Semi's will be at Stamford Bridge on the 30th April, where Liverpool must score a goal to level the advantage aggregate.


Jeevan said...

Its very heart broking me reading Liam’s story and about his 2 weeks. I wish and pray he travels to see his dream coming true and having great time.

Standbymind said...

waiting for 30th!

brocasarea said...

hate both the teams...:P

Cinderella. said...

May his soul rest in peace.

Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] hes smilling as ever in those photos...i just wish god would spare him a life. :(

[jeevan] I wish that he gets to go to the stadium, wish that Liverpool wins the cup for him.

[standbymind] mee too bro!

[brocasarea] damn you bro :D

[cindy] god bless. Amen.


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