Tuesday, April 8


Okay, I'm supposed to update something today. So I wake up, open the mail and what I find? Freaking error correction! And not one or two, Its like going into 32 at the last count! AAAAAAA! The worst thing ever in a translators life is error correction, coz you don't get paid for it...coz its your errors :p hehehehe and you loose the clients confidence in you. Like I said, not a good past few weeks. Hope to be back tonight with a longer post.

:0 oh and did you guys read bout the Olympic flame being extinguished in Paris...those Parisians sure got guts, salut!. I say lets just boycott the Beijing Olympics, the communist government are murderers. Don't watch the channels, don't participate in any events relating to it, and don't buy any Olympics branded products from the sponsors! Here's a list of them, they have blood in their hands. Here's the Torch Relay site.

Free Tibet, Say No To Olympics 2008.


Miladysa said...

I do not think we should boycott the Olympics.

This does not mean that I support what China is doing or that I do not support the cause of Tibet. Tibet has always been close to my heart.

The Olympic spirit is to bring people together, so that they can compete in peace, in the nature of sportsmanship.

Bringing people together is a good thing - we breath the same air - we realise we are all from the same family. We understand that we can resolve our differences, we listen to the others point of view.

Look at the Olympics of blogland.

Think of the sportsmen and woman who have been training for years for a decade perhaps. Should we spoil their moment because of the lousy Chinese Government?

Let people have their day and let us find another way to support the people of Tibet.

Cinderella. said...

I agree with miladysa.
Abandoning the game doesnt make any sense.

Picking up the cause for Tibet is the motive, so be it. I supprot the Tibaan cause with all my heart.

Yet I believe that, Chucking the Olympics would be a sacrilege to the honour of the game and sportsmanship.

Cinderella. said...

Shit My typos !!

I meant to say 'Tibetan' there..dunno what happened to the letters in between !!!

Vesper de Vil said...

here here!

Alok said...

suffering of a nation is greater than Olympics ... let the game go on ... but let the protests go on as well in a non-violent way ... this will mobilize support for the Tibetans and bring their plight to the fore .... I hope govts. who are always too willing to please the Chinese will start talking loudly ....


Ghost Particle said...

[milady] I appreciate your wise answer. My bad in being so emotional driven, but years of watching the corrupt governments of the world murdering, torturing innocent souls really made me numb to rationalism. :)

Now I think the best protest would be by taking part in the Games. :) Let them see for themselves what it means for people of different countries and ideologies to come together for the greater good of the world.

Let the games begin, but this time lets no leave out anything for the sake of pleasing the Chinese government. Thx.

[cindy] Well said, I replied above da. We shall see how it goes, we shall show that we are too caring and rational people. but we should never let them think we are giving them a chance to hide their atrocities.

[vesper] thx comrade! :)

[alok] //I hope govts. who are always too willing to please the Chinese will start talking loudly ....//
Yes bro, this is what irks me alot, why the heck are we giving them the chance to justify their ugly records. The government is destabilizing the world economy, dumping toxic food, etc. And you know whats going to happen after the Olympics, theyre going to freakin attack Taiwan!

Solitaire said...

I do not think that in supporting the Olympics, we are supporting China. I understand that China gets a lot of money from it but we cannot have a "displacement of anger" here!

Miladysa said...


I hope you win! Watching now - we are supporting Liverpool and thinking of our friend far away :-D


Ghost Particle said...

[sneha] Displacement of anger, thats a good way to put it. Its hard to understand that we are simply accommodating criminals. But yet again, Like Milady said, many athletes dream of competing in the Olympics and thats their pinnacle of achievement.

[Milady] And I was thinking that you would be smiling thinking of me. hehehe.... :)

c e e d y said...

why does sports and politics have to come together - this is an event for the people who compete on their personal brilliance not greed and malice like politicians - they should not be stopped - but used as an example


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