Friday, April 18

Oru Kathal Devathai

[#] PC Spring cleaning...or should it be early summer cleaning and Found this gem, a very nice song, superb composition sung by SPB, Chitra. Composer: Shankar Ganesh.
[-] Oru Kadhal Devathai - A love angel (?)
[+] Shankar Ganesh (Music India Online)

[#] Now you can have a nice weekend :D


Jeevan said...

A lovely song. listening after very long time, thanks bro. have a nice weekend too :)

Cinderella. said...

I just love Chitra's voice...remebering movie Bombay now..."kehna hi kya.."...

Shiv said...

awesome is not the word na...ths is my fav song...lyrics chance eh illa la

yaarukku yaar uravu yaar arivaaaro
yen peyaril un peyarai iyarkayum ezhuthiyatho
pon magal moochu vittaal poo malaraadho
poo magalin vaimozhiye poojaikku vedhangalo

OMG...just fantastic

Mystery said...

i love this song..its simply superb

Miladysa said...

Enjoy your weekend Ghosty :-D

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] thx bro. its an amazing song...evergreen.

[cinderella] He voice never gets 'old'. Nice isn't it? Ive looped the song too many times now da. hahaha...

[shiv] agree with you 200% shiv...its just mesmerizing... timeless.

[kavi] vange :) it is it is... :)

[milady] Thx happy to see you back!

Keshi said...

Chitra's voice is like a sweet nightingale's!


umakumar said...

the picturisation of the song too was good...on the rly ttracks ..revathy and karthick


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