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Of Songs

[Zupdate!] Manic week, busy, pain, rain and mosquitoes. Will be back soon.

Oh and the song, one of it is Def Leppards When Love and Hate Collide. The best travel songs ever...when you open the window and shout...I mean sing your heart out!

A song reminded me that we used to sing on our journeys.
We just sang and forgot all else.
It seems silly now,
but it is a good memory.


Miladysa said…
Ghosty - Us too! *grin* and we still do!

Shall I tell you a secret? When my father died we sang all the way from his house to the cemetery. We sang all his favourite songs, smiled and waved to the people we passed as we travelled in a great black limousine.
Solitaire said…
I now sing songs alone...and that too will seem silly one day.
Alok said…
I do exactly as Solitaire said .... etched solemnly in memory

Keshi said…
I sing songs, I listen to songs, I live a song, that some day will be stopped.

Cinderella. said…
Dont you think even the gravest of fights seem silly at a time in future ?
At times silly things are just meant to be silly so they can make us smile when we're alone and choose to reminiss.
Take care.
Jeevan said…
Those are very sweet moment in our life and I wish the trips more like this.
Am In Trance said…
"Here I am..
Lost In The Light Of The Moon That Comes Through My Window..." (INXS)


brocasarea said…
some times things which we did seems silly... as we grow we mature and as we look back we realise it:)
Ghost Particle said…
I wanted to comment individually, but I cant justify how this post or the topic means to each and everyone. song are our life, the sound is our blood and our heartbeat. shall we awake one day without the ability to 'understand' sound...that day we shall all just die.

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