Tuesday, April 15

Hillsborough Disaster

April 15th 2008 is the 19th anniversary of the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster.

Hillsborough 96
Always remembered
We are one family
And You Will Never Walk Alone

[#] The 1989 Hillsborough tragedy took the lives of 96 Liverpool supporters. In many ways, it marked the decline of Liverpool's dominance as England's most successful football club.
[+] Hillsborough Disaster
[+] Heysel Disaster


Donn said...

What a pathetic tragedy. Imagine Humans being so obssessed with a stupid game that...never mind. The psychological propensity for unpredictable brutal acts of idiocy is at the very heart of the mob mentality...turning hundreds of people into one gigantic destructive organism ...
one of the scariest things on earth.

Utterly pathetic.
It's just a f*cking game!!!

Alok said...

I esp liked the verse .. conveyed too many emotions for me ... and yes it is just a game


Cinderella. said...

Always...always some have to die, to teach the others a lesson. yet...they never do, and the others dont stop dying...

Peace surround all.

Keshi said...

God speed!


Jeevan said...

lets look anything like this never repeats.

Ghost Particle said...

[donn] you said it well...even on the field's of drama...they are simply playing for money. but the fans, we give everything we have for our teams. its a sad thing, and this is a sad tragedy...something LFC will forever be associated with.

[alok] yes bro...lives lost jst like that. it should always be jst a game.

[cindy] well said, death is not a lesson learned in this world. peace to the world.

[keshi] indeed. they did not die in vain.

[jeevan] you summed it up well bro, we shall not see this repeating...after all the improvements done.

Miladysa said...

Thank you for remembering this Ghosty [hugs]


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