Tuesday, April 1

Future Tense

wait by the seaside
to capture the time waves
one by one they go
to the future
- as the tides settle
the experiment emerges
on the table
notepads, pens and coffee cups litter
experimenters eyes rest
undisturbed, unmoving
but the machines are rumbling
perturbations in time

switch on
the first lights fire
dense electrons collate
into an energy soup
unnamed for a fleeting second
and let loose into random space
they race into singularity
along a magnetic tunnel

the metal barriers
scatter loudly
momentarily with untold pain
but ultimately natural
they have no God
they exist in probabilities

an emotionless grad student
watches the electronic screens
setup by his superiors
trying to collect data
not thinking of solutions
how the game have evolved

his predecessors generations back
toiled with arcane mechanics
instruments like gigantic moths
dwarf our daily sitcoms
and he just fills the tables
of the coded strings
with mindless data
not knowing
the results
as they leap
one by one
as if they have individual identities
they create cyclotron paths
of glowing radiation
they leap into the future tense
the outcome of the experiment
perpetually never unfolding


[#] There are two parts to this story, the first is about experimental science and the second is about the theoretical assumptions. In the real world, this is a dynamic collaboration to produce the best results in science, particularly physics. As there are almost infinite data that can be 'designed' and collected in physics experiments, experiments sort of compensates what the theorist cant see. But the real story of this is how 3rd world science is producing clones of dumb researchers who compute data mindlessly and improve to minute decimals the most insignificant outcomes there is. This is the real story.

Sometimes I pretend not to understand what the develop county lawmakers and tax payers say against big experiments, but it is a sad reality. Why should anyone fund for 'probabilities' and then share the data in public domain only to be used by overzealous and unimaginative professors in politicizes science faculties in Asia? That is a valid questions and concern. Who do you attribute the real success to? And who does the piles of inane scientific journals satisfy?

In poor probabilities, giants like Einstein and Feynman created a free flow of elegant science, but today we have rich theorists locally who cant imagine a dynamic world, but rather try to create a lazy niche where their habits, culture and religion blinds science. Culture we can understand, but religion in science? And amazingly, with substandard peer review and cronyism, the most that anyone can make of the results and publications here are just a contemporary stylistic extension in preexisting fields of established science. Such is the sorry state of science in 3rd world laboratories today that grad students are mere data crunchers and typist. When will they produce elegant research once again when all they can dream of is how to suck up to the supervisor and faculty. This is the unwavering death march of science in developing countries.

[#] Been over 2 months now and I am still waiting for the reply to my e-mail from my superiors. Such is the value of the past 5 years in their eyes, pity. Probably I should have mailed them some money to get them excited about probabilities.

Tell me this, am I simply trying to justify my failures by putting the blame on the system, or am I a survivor for being able to see the rot in the system?


Miladysa said...

Shame on your so called 'superiors' for failing to answer your email and allowing 2 months to pass!

Are you sure they have received it? Have they acknowledged receipt? There is absolutely no excuse for bad manners on their part.

I loved your poem and observations. I think it would drive me mad to work under such conditions :[

"culture and religion blinds science. Culture we can understand, but religion in science?"

The Roman Catholic Church is very interested in science [where it does not involve human embryos etc.] and I understand it funds major research programmes. I was quite surprised to discover this from a post on Charles Gramlich's blog about Creationism. I also discovered that I am a "Theistic Evolutionist" :-D

Keshi said...

**Tell me this, am I simply trying to justify my failures by putting the blame on the system, or am I a survivor for being able to see the rot in the system?

ur def a survivor. Cos if u were only blaming the System, u wont be able to write abt it this brilliantly.


Donn said...

You are looking for reasonable answers to quantifiable matters my friend...albeit on a scale that most of us cannot imagine.

As a fellow searcher (in a much limited capacity) I admire your purist prespective. Now that the $ sign is attached to everything the benefit of mankind is pushed aside in order to secure awards and patents.

Luckily once a genie is out of a bottle it grants three wishes and not just one.

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] he didnt, the last time i sent a long email, he just told me he got it, I write very well and he did not reply to it. :(
True enough, if I can relate, from the system, about 0.01% of the grad students somehow manage to enter IVY league universities for research.
I can imagine that the church is much more sensible now in research, here its just a floodgate waiting to be open. I can imagine what will happen when a lawmaker questions why is evolution still in textbooks...cant imagine what will happen then.
A Theistic evolutionist...now thats complicated. :p
thx Milady.

[keshi] thx Keshi. Understanding the system is the only way we can play safe I guess.

[donn] Hemm...what are the 3 wishes then? :)
I think the future is for us, those who search what matters and how we deal with it. We understand the system and the world better now, and we can do something to make it better.

Cinderella. said...

Aaaarghh...why'd you remind me of those dumb superiors of yours..?

Wanna bash them left right and center now..freakin shit-heads...!!!

The lines where you talked about the search of religion on science..reminded me of a book I'd read long back..and dammit I cant reacll the name of the book..though it wasnt religion there, it was God...ugh..!

**rolls eyes**

However, I think trynna find a connection and religion doesnt make any sense to me at all..inspite of a branch called 'theology' being there !

Both the things could be better percieved if handled independently.
Then again, thats just my way of outting things..and I aint the best person to talk about relgion or God !!!

And bhai, dont you think we're all survivors in own little ways ?
Every scar we bear, is a story of some bruise we survived...

And you're one the coolest I know.
So smile da !

p.s : Tried getting ol yesterday and sunday but you YM...sux !!!
How ya doing ?

Ghost Particle said...

[pallavi] :) so true...they are so filled with hot air now, wait till the money runs out. :P

I am jst waiting for the barrier to break, when the religions zealots n scientist start to fight (they rarely debate here), then we would know where science has sunk here. :D
Yes we are survivors in our own spaces, but the world is the same. we can share war stories someday. :D

ill cht wit u when the YM permits, the gods of the chat world. :p

Jeevan said...

There must be someone to operate the system is it? The human brain is greater and more powerful than anything exists, so it should think from behind the system which is operational.

I wish you all success bro. wrote nicely your experience with superiors within science!

yeskarthi said...

Digression :

I recommend you read Lee Smolin's "The Trouble with Physics"

d SINNER!!! said...

Thats bad on the part of ur superiors...

and the poetical expression is awesome..

Miladysa said...

Ghosty - I love reading everyone's comments here.

How nice it would be one day it we could all get together, eat, drink and put the world right :-D

Miladysa said...

PS - Do you want me to sort him out? Just let me have his email address ;-D

Cinderella. said...

LOL @ 'gods of the chat world'..!!

Howdy ?

Alok said...

Siva ... my friend first thing first ... never ever let doubt creep into ur abilities ... question everything under the sun but ur ability ...

I am not surprised at the response of ur superior who in their overzealous attempt to patronise their own work they fail to see that they also need to patronise others .... they dont realise that if they r good themselves there is no need for them to be afraid of others ... but they are ... and hence they do wht they do .... ... such idiots are everywhere ... too engrossed in their own probabilities ... but do remember Siva that such people may rise but never enough and not to the level that u surely wld ....

I would suggest shrug it off ... not in the context of not thinking abt it but channelising it .... if u believe wht u have done is good stuff and the way thru superior is not working find other means ... find other audience ... but ensure that it reaches where it is destined to .... and believe me u donot have to revolt against the system to do this ... you just have to find the right medium ... u wld say easier said than done and I would say perhaps true but then the fact is there is a probability of it working ... if it is good for me ... it is good for u too ...

every problem has a solution .... I hope u do believe in this ...



brocasarea said...

"the most that anyone can make of the results and publications here are just a contemporary stylistic extension in preexisting fields of established science"..this is true..regarding medicine also every newspaper carries some articles with some minor modifications..like they say "old wine in new bottle"

QUASAR9 said...

Hi GP,
nice to see you still surfing the blogosphere

QUASAR9 said...

Life is a juxraposition of what was and what is to be, and for the briefest of moments what IS.

We search for newness, like the child learning the reach of his hands (and body) exploring the myriad colours and sounds, interpreting the signs and language all around - and as we grow the meaning hidden in the words.

It is not so much that a vastly populated 'third world' creates mindless automatoms or number crunchers - it is that a large population inevitably provides larger numbers of number cruchers, tele-marketing salesmen, chefs, accountants, builders, labourers and all the things that make the world.

Sure India could build a bigger collider than Europe - after all what better way to spend six billion dollars. And China could employ twice as many 'scientists' to work in colliders in China than the EU can afford at CERN.

But I think what is truly missing is any VISION of where to go next. What is the next level (or dimension) in physics ... other than that which is marketable/consumable: mobile phones, ipods, e-phones, laptops, blue tooth technology, cars with so many electronic components in them that it is hard to imagine that automobiles are about moving people and goods on four wheels. We must have ABS, electric windows, adjustable heated seats with memory, airbags, electric wing mirrors, heated glass, tinted glass, even intelligent glass that knows when it is day or night, sunny or grey & rainy, warm and dusty or ice cold ...

All a million miles away from driving or what driving was 100 years ago, but all an integral part of the driving experience today. And we take it all for granted - yet it is all physics, Applied Physics - from the multilayered coats of paint, to the finelt shaped steel (or plastic) to the rubber you are riding/gliding on.

ok, ok all pretty low tecg compared to real high physics - but that is because we take so much space age technology for granted.

And yet we still cannot fix teeth, or save teeth. or vrepair badly damaged teeth ... or bones. I guess in some sense we have made very little progress, whilst in other areas we have gone forward in leaps & bounds.

Nachi said...

"they have no God
they exist in probabilities"

...don't know if i totally agree with that notion or not! anyways, i do agree that science nowadays is more about data collection and interpretation and patent authorization followed by money minting. the originality quotient is seemingly missing. but i am sure that somewhere in this world there is some kick-ass science stuff happening that is going to join the leagues of Einstein and co.

as for you, i vote survivor.from what i perceive, you are too wonderful a person to be a failure. agree with Keshi. if not, you wouldn't be able to spew out such detailed observations in a poetic manner. a distinct 'Ghosty' style i say!


Mythily said...


Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] I understand your thinking, everyone has a part to play. But in the greater picture, its about the quality of the research and the effective involvement that matters. Bro, this is just another hurdle in our lives. :)

[karti] definitely will look for the book, enlightenment is much needed. thx bro.

[dsinner] Thnx neha, when everyone is selfish, thats what happens. More advice for the future to everyone I guess. :p

[milady]Milady...now that would be a riot of ideas and friendship. One day we will I hope. Maybe we can be the superheroes without the theme songs. :P
Email idea is good, I bet he will come to senses. :) thanx milady, I will try my best to settle this before bringing in my posse. or lawyers hahahah!

[cindy] hey sis...im kool...yesterday the YIM got busted again! sigh. :(

[alok] you give the most rational and patient advices to me. and i listen to them all. I must find the proper audience, a supervisor who would respect rather than rant non stop about the fault in the system they themselves created, and good friends. Channeling the right energy. I believe in solutions to problems bro, and I wont go wrong when I have so many good friends with the right advices.

[brocasarea] that is true, recycling, reinventing the wheel. when will it ever stop?!

[Q9] Great explanation, //But I think what is truly missing is any VISION of where to go next.// The lack of Vision means an environment less conducive to good research. thats what happening here. //I guess in some sense we have made very little progress, whilst in other areas we have gone forward in leaps & bounds.// Success comes every second, but in the next step of benefits to humanity, monetary aims come first, thats commercialization. To find a true cause for channeling the results of science to humanity, we must avoid the traps of financial greed, but in the end, who are we to judge what is right and what is needed for the people. It is a strange contradiction, but that is true. Thx for the eye opening comment.

[nachi] my bro! Wazzup!
//ut i am sure that somewhere in this world there is some kick-ass science stuff happening that is going to join the leagues of Einstein and co.//
this is true, heroes will be born, will come out, will save the world. Lets jst hope the are sensible and rational :)

I am a survivor because of my friends, because of you bro. :)

[mythily] mange, vengayam, bajji.


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