Friday, April 25

Formless Memories

i remembered
one day in the rainy seasons
of this balcony at the back of the apartment
a personal space written in my heart
when I was small and seeking life
i stood there looking out
of the fantastical landscapes
and a view over the fallen horizons
where the far end meets the stars
all that I saw with my painfully young eyes

the rain never stopped
centuries upon centuries
when i was figuring out life
in the crazy days of enlightenment
the balcony was still there
with clearer views
of mountains and mists
and far thoughts of beautiful equations
the undulating hills almost speaking
of Maxwellian interpretations
waveforms blind as quantum imaginations

i seek hidden memories
and this balcony
almost certain it was artificial
had not beginning
the ending I don’t know
when it was raining
the mist hanging just outside
and we touched it
it felts like formless water
waves upon waves
cool breezes snatching my soul
for the moments of you and me
were there looking not outside
but at each other
it was the seasons of love
day and night the stars just froze

in my-self your soul slept
your hair rested on my face
your heart beats and
your eyes became mine
we were in love
and during the days
the frangipani forest
dancing in their own mercurial violations
releasing their scents of joy
that drifted through the air
at that moment i realized I was alone
sensing every element out there
nothing of your touch

it was in my imagination
the days on the balcony
as it was there
for occasional visitors
and conjuring displays of day light stars
and night time suns
and playful mists
that my tears


[#] a 15 minutes blurt don't do justice to the heart :)


Mystery said...

neeya ezhudhna?? nambe ve mudiyalaye :P

brocasarea said...


Jeevan said...

Beautiful observation, and in your imagination I imagine the scenes. You remained my days spent on balcony, bro :)

Cinderella. said...

Dont do justice ?!!!

This is verdict bhai !!!

Told you you're the task-master, dint I ?

Loved every single word, every poignant expression....

Pauline said...

This is beautiful rich with emotion!

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi] yes yes, athele yenna doubt? loosu.

[jeevan] thx bro...imaginations are windows to our soul.

[cinderella] thx girl...heh...guess who inspired me to write yest. :p

[pauline] Hey Pauline! are you? Thx as always!

Alok said...

poignantly beautiful bro!

a child seeking life with painfully young eyes ... bravo!

I loved the entire poem and lets not talk abt doing justice here ... better arts come alive at the spur of the moment .. the last verse is something I can read again and again ....

u shld write more bro!


Alok said...

I came back to read this Siva ... I can't leave before saying beautiful once more ...


Nachi said...

i'm back i'm back...but only for today!!

anyways, nice blurb for a 15 minuter!! i got a window that i stare out of on such days...mostly rainy days, and bright winter mornings, with a cuppa' strong black coffee!


nothing like a nostalgic trip, eh mate?

Nahuatl said...

it sure doesn't..

a poem can't do tht anyway

Miladysa said...

This is wonderful - very melodic - I read it as a lament to love.

When I read your words... when you share your love with us... I always wonder where your love is and how you were parted.

Do you know Lord Byron's poem "When We Two Parted"? It is one of my favourites... I think you may like it also.

Keshi said...

wow Ghosty the one n only greatest poet ever!

btw come check my NEW haircut ;-)


Cinderella. said...

Who ?!

*looks innocently*

Btw tagged you. Do this one. Wouldja ? When you're cluesless or idealess to post something new.


Ghost Particle said...

[alok]thx bro, u kno me best about poems. and you r definitely right about the moments...i just need to write and never withhold it in my mind. thx! :)

[nachi] we all share a life then. :) it is bro, life is all too nostalgic now...I hope for the better.

[nayan] hey bro! hows u? better? True enough, poems doesnt justify reality for everyone other than the poet.

[milady] When we Two parted is an amazing writing...I can connect with it, it seems so natural and real. thx Milady. I never had a love that i didnt want to continue, but people change, and paths differ. :) I will write more about this for you to discover :) Thx and hugs Milady.

[Keshi] Hye...u know me btter luv. And you always look like a million stars in the sky! Hugs! Im not the just a passerby.

[cindy] I wonder who? :p will do it da, after a day or two ok?

Raghav said...

lovely song that
when divided we stand baby united we fall"

and there's no other feeling like crying in the rain my man
well written


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny