Monday, April 21


By now active Facebook users would have found out about their local languages options 'initiative'. Facebook has been recruiting its own users to translate the site for free into local languages. So far according to this Wired article there are about two dozen languages in work. Crowdsourcing seems to be a normal practice of the Web 2.0 business (read: DOTCOM ) community.

This is a stupid act by a company valued at 15 billion dollars to be cheapskate enough to source for free work. Even smaller companies are paying to get Quality translations for their websites. Most of the successful social networking sites choose to PAY and go through tested methods to localize their sites into local languages. I figured that each language would cost less that 40k USD which would include a localization step, QA and DTP work. That is seriously cheap considering the value of these companies and the ad revenue they make in a day, even in an hour!

Please don't volunteer to translate Facebook, this is degrading to the freelancer community as well as shortchanging their users with low quality and often wrong translations. Please don't condone this kind of nonsense by dot com businesses because they don't deserve free work, let alone soliciting it openly in the name of user collaboration. There are many more organizations and NGO's out there who needs free service and make a difference in this world compared to the usual 'waste' of resources that this kind of 'social websites' offers.

If you want to start volunteering your work or skills, make sure you target the organizations or groups who really need the help. Start with your local township orphanages, health/education/legal missions, educationals groups and activist groups. Start with basic website based information disseminations, monthly online newsletters and/or fund drives. It can be fun to organize, will not take much time and there are already thousands of sources online to help you maximize your effort. The only limit is time, never the effort. :)

Here are some sites that source volunteers for important projects:
[+] UNV - United Nations Volunteers
[+] Volunteer Match


Keshi said...

Ghosty u've made a good point.

**Please don't volunteer to translate Facebook, this is degrading to the freelancer community as well as shortchanging their users with low quality and often wrong translations

Thats so true. After all, paying for QUALITY shouldnt be such a difficult thing to do!

I cant stand social networking sites anyways :) I call Facebook, FUCKBOOK.


Alok said...

I have a profile on facebook but I hardly use it ....

I am totally with you on this bro ... I am not surprised that they have decided to go this way .. the bigger the orgn these days the more so called "cost conscious" they become ... and in the process they forget when to spend to add value ...


Kavi said...

What is the public stand on this ? Why would anybody want to do this ? I cant imagine how an organisation like FB can do this!

Important post !

Jeevan said...

Quality things will last long, free things are unwarranted. One could do this in interest value, or social helping.

brocasarea said...

ohhh...didnt know this!!...thanks for sharing..u know the orkut revenue per day????

Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] true kesh, the standard Asian language translators rate are 50% cheaper than western language rates...and they still want free service! bah...fckbook them. im going to delete my profile there soon.

[alok]//the bigger the orgn these days the more so called "cost conscious" they become// agree 100%! its because they're listed, or either they are owned by money hogger's. their severance packages itself costs a bomb...imagine getting the money out to freelancers.

[kavi] seems its been going on since 3 months ago! i did not download the tool...but one of the translation groups invited me. sad indeed and then when i read in so pissed.

[jeevan] You said it correctly bro...thats what all that matters. If they want a good job, then they must hire people to do it.

[brocasarea] np bro. I dont know how much Orkut mkes..but I am pretty sure Google wont ask for free services for its UI and important text translations.

Cinderella. said...

Bhai I hate networking sites like anything. The only networking site I have a account with is Orkut, and I ahve come to abhor it to the core....

I have my settings to private,and the other day I get this friendship request from a guy whose name goes 'want hot girls for chat' !!!

Whatta deluded nymphomaniac !!!

These sites suck man !

And translating is a very prestigious job. Only yesterday I was going thru the newspaper and came across the wide array of job opportunities for tranlators, and content writers. Made me wanna try my hand.

They should protect the sanctity of the whole thing.
You made your point very nicely there.

Cinderella. said...

And I agree with Jeevan, these are all big names, why cant they just hire there own people to do the work....?!

Cinderella. said...

Your hindi was fundoo bhai !!
LOl...kudos to Nayan.

Who's Nayan btw ?!

And yep, you gotta leanr oriya. I'll help you with that, dontcha worry !

Ghost Particle said...

[cindygirl] hey da, I agree with every bit of your sentiment. privacy gone, life gone, soon dignity also is wrong wit the internet nowdays?

thx da.

Nahuatl said...

i know.. i wud be stealing ur money :P


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