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Boring April Fools

Don't you just wish you could go back to those naive days in school when every April fools joke makes you laugh (or angry!). Nowadays things are so academic, people go to great lengths in creating the perfect satire. Here are some April fools from the web, if you haven't seen them already.

[+] gDay
[+] GMail Custom Time (they should know we really want this!!!)
[+] Virgle
[+] HandSolo
[+] Flying penguins! (gotta love em Brits)
[+] Some excellent BMW April Fools jokes (links at the bottom of the page)
[+] Top Ten all time?

Last year was cool:
Gmail Paper

But Google fooled the April out of me, for a full 30 minutes, it was exciting damn! Imagine, and I'm not talking about the email printed, I can print it, but actually getting free Google Box sent. Even the post dude would be wondering. Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum! Bah!

Also read: Google TiSP, TiSP Works, TiSP FAQ, TiSP Group, NotFound


d SINNER!!! said…

SAdly, I dint make any fool...

:PM myslf in fools paradise...
Miladysa said…
The flying penguins had me yesterday Ghosty - right up until they headed for the jungle! roflmao

I told my youngest daughter and grandchildren that there was a van full of monkeys in the front garden - they all fell for it :-D
Ghost Particle said…
[dsinner] neha...fools paradise :p heh...maybe we should create something elaborate next year, involve all bloggers. :D

[milady] I got shocked of the title, i though finally the little guys did it, then of course the images...sigh. :p
I loved what most of the brit newspapers did, the american ones are so mechanical...cold. Oh well.

Now...if on a less cluttered mind day, even I would fall for the monkey trick. hmm... :)
Solitaire said…
April Fool's day is so yawn! The day passed by just like any other day.
Keshi said…
my mum made a total fool out of me :( not just once.

brocasarea said…
Cinderella. said…
Ha ha...awesome da !
Havent fooled anyone in quite a while...but sure have been made.
Maybe I'm too chumma naive...!!!
Or then perhaps, like Sinner said, I have been living in my fools's paradise...sigh..

But tell what ? I dont regret it one bit. Its too beautiful to give !
Jeevan said…
none to fool me, just for fun :(
Nachi said…
you silly fool! :)

i was up playing Pictionary till 4 am on April Fools day! i am so boring...*yawn

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