Sunday, March 23

Eternity Flowers in Lost Galaxies

When they spoke of love, it was always everlasting, beautiful moments and heartbreaking separation. It was always the extremes, things to achieve for it wont be love anymore. It was the same for ages, for now, in the future where we left earth for new sunsets.

On a cold morning outside school, she came from the mist. I've watched many, lost in my perceptions of perfections not knowing that she simply looked at my heart, the true one. I was on the throne of my egoistic dogma believing only the beautiful, not knowing how shallow my believes were.

Orion, she left me along the mountain ranges of the most beautiful galaxy I have ever seen. It was a dream. Orion and I walked the shores of young oceans, witnessing the birth of life in insignificant worlds, where humans have lost hope of finding God. We witnessed history again and again repeating the same coda, the chords of destiny striking perfectly with the same outcome. Repetitions.
@...Its just one of those days you know, one of those days where we go 'what the fuck just happened'...who the hell was that! damn what the fuck is that, what the f'....then the whole thing just blows in your face. kaboom!

I can totally relate to that dude. Like, just yesterday we went for a movie, and she just turned off, i mean she disappeared man. Damn I was like struggling, searching in the dark and all the while she is sitting beside me...just like a...a chair? I dont know, it freaked me out.

The hell! What did you do then?

Oh...everything got better today.

Duh! That was nothing compare to the crap im in. I didn’t ask for this, I hoped for something, but not for eternity I wished for this. I did not get married for this. Where is the everlasting love and all that comes with it man?!

Its a trap.

Damn hell you are right, it is a trap and its designed specifically for me! I hope the dude smiling from heaven is happy right now. 'Give back my life you ass!'

Dude, stop it. Ur scaring the girls.

I'm married, there is no girl other that the one at home...hmmm...when she comes back home that is.

Do you even know which century she checked out to?

What’s the point, we can't be sliding forever, when she wants to come home, she will.

The prospects of true love is vague, to say that you can give her something for the rest of your life is beyond human capabilities. She will be attracted to someone else, you will be screwing someone else.

! Thank you Freud. Here's your Oscar for 'worst ever philosophical interlude by a supporting actor'.

Heh...thanks...Hey! wait what supporting...dude I got her for you.

Exactly, and now you're going to find her and bring her back.

Aw know I dont like those things...

No way dude, we ride together, we die together...well...this time you die first....hahahaha

Screw you.

Get her back by tomorrow...its her birthday.
*Morning messengers. Brings life and air.

She reaches out and touches them. First her fingers, and the her whole hand. Slowly her skin turns red...just so slowly I remember her still in my arms. Undulating valleys, oceans in the far corners not visible to us. Beyond a few houses are streets, slowly busying for the second sun. As nights recede, continents go to sleep and others awaken.

Have you ever thought of this day?

Of something....anything special about this day?

Any day, today, yesterday...tomorrow. When it happens, before it happens....have you ever thought of it?

I think about sunsets....never-ending sunsets in thousands of worlds out there. I think about you all the time. Never to let go of you, I think about that.

Have you thought about death?

Always. But beyond that there is life too. Life transcends death.

Then will you come looking for me, for eternity? Beyond the stars and time...

Even where time doesn’t end.

Where is that?

You will know when you get there...

[+] Part 1: It's Time to Go , Part 2: Obsessions of the Maroon Star

[#] Never knew writing a SF love story can be this hard, this is the continuation of the first two parts of an epic journey. Still trying to piece together a few different angles of the story, how it all started, how it would end. Then finally I would have to refine the whole thing, hopefully. Till then, this is an experiment!


Cinderella. said...

Oh !
Beautiful !!

** As nights recede, continents go to sleep and others awaken.**

Just how in the name of the Lord did you think of conjuring up something like that ??!!!

I loved the last piece of conversation. Lovely...

Long time you wrote something like this da. Been really long...
But like they say, the wait is always worth it !!!!

You rock !!!!

d SINNER!!! said...


I haven't read this kind ever on your blog...


Jeevan said...

I think existence of her is hard to understand and it seems like you have tried different thought to express under one sun. well written from deep.

brocasarea said...

"that which is easily available is less attractive"

Am In Trance said...
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Am In Trance said...

Loved What You Wrote..!
Its Beautifully Brilliant..!!

Thanx 4 Such A Nice Post..!!!

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy] thx girl. yeh...had the inspiration, bt was too damn lazy to write it down. i must write longer pieces. thx as always :)

[dsinner] thx neha! jst click the labels and you will find more...!

[jeevan] thx as always bro. true enough she is illusive more than ever now. still searching.

[brocasarea] well said, find the special ones, find them hard. thx bro.

[am in trance] anytime bro. thx!

Pri said...

///On a cold morning outside school,she came from the mist. I've watched many, lost in my perceptions of perfections not knowing that she simply looked at my heart, the true one. I was on the throne of my egoistic dogma believing only the beautiful, not knowing how shallow my believes were.///
ah beautifully written...

amazing write!!
simply loved it! :)

Ghost Particle said...

[pri] thanks as always. :) the inspiration to write comes from your words.

Alok said...

Yes I agree with Cinderella ... Long time I have read something like this from ... So perceptive u r my friend ...



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