Saturday, March 29

Sad Story

i light up another star for you
today i remembered you
remembered of the careless days
of the mystery phone calls
days we met, but we did not say hello
it reminded me of you today
of the mails and poems and letters
of delirium in the joyful seasons
distance and mothers hiding our story
from fathers so strict and angry
calls of anger and delight

i light up another star
for the days we met, and held hands
in the park, around the moonlight
and why it mattered so much
that it kept me from others
and other days of death

today another silence
and another star in the sky
the few minutes before each blink
of the electronic lights
i remembered how our separation
was meaningless
as it was never real never an illusion
rummaging through past memories
sad days where you cried
not knowing i was there
for you
and the days i wandered, lost
not knowing you waited for me

I light up the final star
for the memories of us
of the tragedy of life
for not bringing us together
even when knowing
we were meant to be
knowing that
I have fallen in love
with you
and never saying it
it was life
not letting me.

and how it ends today
*I dont need you to be like this
dont want to see you doing this
cry like this and forever
make me look guilty
You dont have to be with me forever.
When you want to leave, you leave.
Just leave and dont look back
coz' there's no such thing as memories
there are only roads taken, and thats done.

00-08, days in the stars, ghost and tara
[#] How her name appeared as 'Sad Story' in my mobile, probably as a prophecy untold for the past 8 years, that everything wont come to a happy ending. This is a true story.
[#] Not edited, never will be. Have a nice Weekend.


Solitaire said...

Ghost, this is soooo beautiful. Now I know why this love story with the galaxy, planets, and starts. How does it feel to pour your heart out this way?

Alok said...

brilliant last para .. amazing ... cheers for writing this ...


Cinderella. said...

**You dont have to be with me forever.
When you want to leave, you leave.
Just leave and dont look back
coz' there's no such thing as memories
there are only roads taken, and thats done.***

OH ! How true..yet how sadistic !!

Sometimes, it indeed feels like there isnt a thing called memories, maybe a mirage we create for our weary selves....just the way we do, when we say, you dont deserve me neither do I deserve you...

And yeah, "you dont have to be with matter how much I love you" strings attached...

**hugs bhai**

Keshi said...

I knew, there r no such things as memories...its so sad.

btw come play the game in my blog ;-)


Jeevan said...

"When you want to leave, you leave.
Just leave and dont look back" this is something remember the pain in my memories. Sometimes I wish I forget some memories of past, which in present it views meaningless.

Beautiful verse, but sad story!

Cinderella. said...

You got a gmail account bhai ?
Can you log in from there ?
I'm at office no YM here..

Nahuatl said...

*sniff* one of the best!!

brocasarea said...

hm....good poem:).....

Matangi Mawley said...


Am In Trance said...

Poetry is not an opinion expressed. It is a song that rises from a bleeding wound or a smiling mouth..

About your poem, Yea, I know there is more to it...
Coz' Half of what you say is just ordinary; but you say it so that the other half may reach the everwaiting ears...

Some of us are like ink and some like paper..
And if it were not for the blackness of some of us, some of us would be dumb;
And if it were not for the whiteness of some of us, some of us would be blind...

Miladysa said...

"This is a true story."

Bittersweet Ghosty.


"i light up another star for you"

Mythily said...

Beautiful, touching poem...

Ghost Particle said...

[Sneha] it feels so bad...actually I can never get over this, mistakes and more mistakes. but that is life. Thx.

[alok] thx bro. :)

[cinderella] the cruelty of reality and relations da. How no matter how close the relationship gets, if its not meant to be then its not to be. In the end only selfishness prevail for the good of one person among the two. huds da.

[keshi] :) there is none to remember. :p

[jeevan] yes nanba, sad so much it hurts. thx.

[nayan] you know me best bro. thx.

[brocasarea] bro, thx.

[matangi] thx :) and thanks for coming.

[trance] you figured it out well bro, the story is not full. not complete, but in one part, for the other person, the story has ended. thx for the excellent words.

[milady] as always, thx for the support, I can always feel your assurance on my path. :)

[mythily] thx :)

Jason said...

Well done

elusive said...

This's beautiful..


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