Monday, March 24

Pigs in the Rain

Liverpool FC down the Drain...
This is where we sat
under a torrential thunder storm
beside a flooded road
with the satellite signal cut for a good part of the second half
to watch Liverpool failing to beat Manure U
for the nth time in the EPL
since Rafa's charge at LFC
and how many times of it
during the last 8 years
did LFC have to play
with 10 men on the pitch?
Anyone still remember?
English referees are a bunch of bollocks.

[#] Did I get the bollock right? I'm mad as hell grrrrrrrrrrrr...


Mythily said...


Cinderella. said...

Nope you're crazy as hell !

Jeevan said...

Its raining here from morning :)

Nachi said...

Chelsea won!!! we sank the gunners like the skanky pirates that they are...

what's else bro???

Keshi said...



brocasarea said...

u a die hard liverpool fan???

Solitaire said...

If you would read Psychobabble, you would know why I am not online!

I thought this post would be about you eating FOOD under the rain!

Donn said...

Yeah but Liverpool will always have The Beatles!

Ghost Particle said...

[mythily] hello dear, how have you been?

[cindy] uh...that makes u a sister of the nut. :p

[jeevs] oh man tell me bout it, rain all around the world.

[nachi] yucks ur a chelski uh bro...nvmmm...good football is good anytime. :)

[keshi] yenna anthe smile? Solle? :p

[brocasarea] im a die hard die hard fan bro. :D

[solitaire] heh...not bout food anytime soon. u take care ok.

[donn] Beatles forever! Yellow Alaska to eat moose pie with Eskimoe taters!

Alok said...

He he ....


Jason said...

Perhaps it's about time
to admit Liverpool costs a dime.
Gerrard sounds like bastard,
and Torres is a striker,
yet scores less than Ronaldo, a winger.
Crouch, twice the size of Rooney,
only looks like a crotch in the game.
Let's face it, Liverpool is lame.
I may not write as well as you do,
but let us agree the best is Man U.


Ghost Particle said...

[alok] :p

[jason] bahahaha! your' cool. heh...its the game you know...if its not the game, it couldnt care less...but then again, the pain of being a scouse for 20 years. :(
and trust me, you do write better than me. hahahaha...

Keshi said...

lol athu oru cheeky smile :):)


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] keshi ode tamil rombe nalla irukathu...cute :)

brocasarea said...
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