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People Power - Makkal Sakthi

History will speak of this day in Malaysian Politics on how the Internet, New Media, Blogger(s) and Blogs, YouTube, the Cellphone and Al-Jazeera gave voice to People Power and a big victory for the People's Front.

History will also write, how the ruling government dismissed all this and how their greed cost them everything.
And how the Malaysian Indians voted out the Malaysian Indian Congress party.

Starting Monday 10th of March 2008, the Peoples Front with 5 states in their bags and a commanding 80 seats in the Parliament will make sure the rights of the Malaysian people be justified for the first time in 50 years by an Alternative Peoples Coalition.

And probably Rajni would not know this, but Sivaji the Boss...actually brought in votes in Malaysia. This is true.

[+] And like what TS wrote, the Penangites might just be the first in the world to have voted in a blogger into Parliament!


Alok said…
Well done and kudos to everyone who voted understanding they can make a change

Cinderella. said…
Told you so !!
Every opinion matters...
And there you were not wanting to cast your vote.
I'm so glad for you !!

**hugs bhai**
Maran said…
Vadivelu also helped...Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi! :)
Keshi said…
wow good on ya all!

Ghosty plz drop my my blog today ok :) There's a good reason for that hehe.


Miladysa said…
Fingers crossed all works out well!

A Blogger into Parliament? Whow!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend Ghosty :-D

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