Friday, March 28

Of Knives, the USD and 4 am Snacks

(warning: rant post)

[The Knife Updated]
Dope!@# ok, I should have investigated this earlier, another one of my tube light moments. There were no knife wielding murder maniac outside the apartment. The sound came from my own kitchen! bah! the freaking lizards were playing behind the knife hanging on the wall. Now dont tell me...but, people do hang knives right? Bloody lizards...grrr...the knife had to be thrown coz I think now its cursed. Ok, back to your lovely weekend folks...nothing to see here :( Im going nuts, you are right guys, Alok, Cindy...I Yam Going Nuts!

[Original] One of the 'perks' of staying awake till late is that you get to hear cool sounds. Usually it'll be dog barking, cats...meowing(?) and the occasional female ghost shrieks. But all that ain't enough to scare me until the fateful morning a few days ago I heard the sound of a knife. So Vj asked me, how could you hear the sound of a knife. Heck I don't know 'how', but when you hear it, its the sound of knife! It sounded like someone is sharpening the knife or just waiting there with the knife. I did not open the front door. I wanted to just carry the camera and open the door and flash the bugger, but what if it's one of those samurai kinda small knives that they can throw and it'll be protruding from your forehead. Not a good way to die. And guess what...I heard the sound today too! just for a few minutes, it was the same knife sound, like the bugger is running the knife on the front grill...or maybe its a fish hook! I'll wait a few more days before I confront whoever is it stalking my apartment...or confront my imagination. The life of this ghost is fast turning into an Urban Legend.

The USD sucks. Period. It sucks. Compared to a year ago, freelancers today in this part of the world would be earning more than 100 bucks LESS per 1k USD they make. That is so bad in freelancing terms because jobs are not regular. Not to mention the cost of living, gas, food, etc. Now I do 'feel' why they say keep the day job. But perseverance might take me somewhere...hopefully good. The Euro on the other hand is rocking baby, its rock solid. And what a pity that I have only one European client. I'm thinking of exchange rates so much that I've been having nightmares filled with burning money, raining money, talking money...etc. And to add salt to the wound (heh), comparatively I get paid 1/3 of the hourly rates commanded by freelancers in the land down under and America. This is what they call competitive rates here, if I complain or change my offering rates, I wont get jobs. Pretty fcked up world if you ask me since (ego statement) the freelancing I do is so so so BIG, I mean like I translate some of the most important stuff in the world...(/ego statement). And there was this short docu clip on YouTube the other day where the Wall Street people are saying the USD wont crash ever...well sooner or later we're going to find out.

The other issue of being a freelancer is that you have to service a few timezones....not to show that you are cool, but to seriously maintain your client base and support all those luxuries of life like eating, clothing and paying rent. So at the wee hours of the 4 am! you go out for late/early morning supper. Which in supper terms should be something light like a 'roti canai' and tea. But nope, the biggest problem of mental works around the clock is that you get burned out fast and hungry all the time. So the supper becomes fried chicken, fried rice, fried much for loosing weight. And the downside of all this is that you dont have variety if you want to change the menu, unless eating cold burger at 4am at Mickey D's is cool. So what is 'supper' in your part of the world?

'change is the best way to see the change' - I came up with this, felt a few minutes of high motivation, have someone else said this?

A big shout out to Pallavi and Raaja and Ben for populating my IM's at this kind of hours and listening to my 'everyday sucks' rants. Oh...and my big time crush, Sneha who is mad at me right now :(


Keshi said...

rite now I just wish I was with Ghosty having fried-rice...


Vesper de Vil said...

i had Italian with a good friend tonight. it was so nice.

Mythily said...

Sound of the knife? hahaha GP...

Cinderella. said...

Lol..bhai !
You have no strong you just struck the chord !!!
The USD is so going down the drain...and the American economy is at a standstill...

And yeah, the hours you keep, is indeed coz of the various time zones to where your clients belong. And thats whats eating your health.

Get over fried chicken will you ? And oh, the late night rants ovr the ! Thankgod !!

Cinderella. said...

Hey, what about the knife sound ?
You dint tell me yesterday ?!!
YOu working up your mind too da !

Jeevan said...

"few days ago I heard the sound of a knife" seems something thriller going there bro, be safe :)

Some strong conditions making me hesitating from taking a project which could be beneficial, but they warn of any small mistakes or extra timing to cancel the work.

d SINNER!!! said...

take care...

Alok said...

well ... its good to rant ... it clears up a lot of mess ... including the sound of knife :) ..

dreams bro ... dreams is wht causes all these nuisance .... cant give it up ...cant live with it :)\



Standbymind said...

the freelancers..

Solitaire said...

No acknowledgment to my IM's? Hmppppf. Have fun eating Roti Canai and Roti Prata and what not! Me not talking to you anymore at 4 am.

Cinderella. said...


Bhai, I hate lizards. Infact the enitre reptile category, and this very moment I feel my flesh crawl as i think of it..

But atleast I'm glad you found the reason out ! You can chill madi now.

Miladysa said...

"So what is 'supper' in your part of the world?"

It does not include lizards! lol

Ghosty, your kitchen worries me, things growing in your sink and knife carrying lizards...

I think we will see another Wall Street Crash and we shall all feel the aftermath.

Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] mee too. hugs girl.

[vesper] oo i love pasta! and antipasta. :)

[mythily] stop laughing mythily.

[cindy] hgs girl..what would have happend witout internet sigh. and yeh, i must eat healthier food soon. I didnt wanna scare you...coz i was scared hell too! :D

[jeevan] thanx nanba. as always, I keep my eyes wide open. :D oh bro, please be wary of freelancing, they always want to lie to you. please be beware of that, get advice from someone and proceed.

[dsinner] thx as always girl.

[alok] yep bro, ditto. Im going mad. was scary.

[standbymind] heh...what about them? grrrr... :P hahaha thx for coming bro.

[solitaire] my dear dear sneha...when someone posts a message at 4ma...he is either drunk and messed up, or he is me who always forget the important thing.

[cindy] I can chill madi now girl. huh...that was a big relief u kno.

[milady] LOL! im not going into the kitchen as much as before Milady...need to organize another round of cleanups soon. Wall Street is falling down...falling down...


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