Thursday, March 6

Lives of Others

how words touch more
(for) a person who observes the world
that beyond its pain and cruelty
are lives of beautiful people
and their beautiful journeys
and then
warm drops of tears
from the eyes of some ghost
the world is full of hope
and love

*I shall be your guide
I shall be your student
I shall live and I shall die
In the memories of others

[+] Inspired by the Sis


Keshi said...

why others? wut abt your's?


Pri said...

i loved it...

keep writing :)

Jeevan said...

Feeling about how it touches us for there sweetness. Very nice poem bro, will check what inspired u.

d SINNER!!! said...

:)livin in memories and memoirs are one of the things few good people are entitled to...

m sure u r one...

Cinderella. said...

Bhai, I so agree with Keshi here.
For me, and I'm sure for all the others...I think its yours, that touches, mesmerises, elates, saddens, exyberates..and much much more.

You're the bestest...!!

Keshi said...

aha Cinderella..thats exactly what I meant. :)

Besides Ghosty read my today's post...on INDIVIDUALITY. I think its very much releted to my first comment here too.


Miladysa said...


You are a beautiful soul Ghosty!

Solitaire said...

wats up with dinesh?

Ghost Particle said...

Dinesh is just being stupid. Do him a favor guys, go to his blog and flag it as objectionable. It will be taken down in a few days. I bet that JIM has something to do about this.

Alok said...

When you live and die for yourself and for others you attain what you meant beyond the words ... well done bro .. beautifully written


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