Tuesday, March 25

Into The Wild

'The Final and Great Adventure'

You know its not about how many movies you watch, not even if your a movie buff. Even if you pick and choose the best, most probably there are some great ones you'll miss. And sometimes even the great ones are not for everyone.

For starters, the mystery that Hollywood is, is easy to decipher. They are just full of bloated movie studies pitching for dollars rather than sense. But in the end, everyone a scholar of the H school, what does it stand for, the cultural reference point that is. And once in a while, even this commercialized movie-land can deliver a gem that's so devastatingly real that you feel like other movies are just not worth it.

But this is not about the movie, its about the man who made it real, and then got made into a movie. Into the Wild is a true life story of Christopher McCandless, who from the summer of 1990 went on a soul searching adventure to Alaska. The movie version of the story is directed by Sean Penn. The imagery is stunning to say the least, probably the best travel movie I have ever watched, candid and raw. Emile Hirsch played Christopher in the movie, and gave a performance reminiscing Christian Bale in the Machinist. Rarely have an actor embodied much of the passion such as these few great actors. When you watch the movie, you can see the sparkle in Emile's eyes, the rarest motivation in an actor showing how sincere he is sticking to the role. We learn while he learns, and he really showed that in the movie. An amazing and beautiful effort from Sean Penn, how the landscape never gave away to the triumph of the human spirit and how the human elements was never bigger than nature itself. In this case, much of America and the magnificent Alaska. I read a review somewhere saying this is an original and beautiful American travel movie, it is and more.

Its too easy to believe that the motivation of Christopher to set of on a rebellious journey into uncharted territory is too blind, unplanned. (The movie doesn't focus too deep into his schooling years, where a lot of his idealisms was formed). But by the time the movie ends, you will have to believe how hard it is to understand the youth of the 90's, not to stop there, how hard was it to brand the youths of 60's till now? Did we change much? How many of us carry the same motivations of Christopher? We do fight for our rights, for a peaceful world, we fight on the streets, we gather strength for the common cause. But when does the fight turn personal?

In my personal opinion, the life of Christopher is human tragedy at its most intense, worst possible abomination. The motivations of materialist parents, the ideals of the younger generation, I would say a hurt younger generation in trying to imagine better things. He had all this in him, in short a lot of people will see themselves in him. But what sets apart us from this young man is his willingness to just drop it and face the world. He faced his demons, he simply wanted to know what else is there. Makes us wonder if we ever had the guts to do what he did. Its a wondrous tour of the human mind in a not so simple world, a fantastic journey into the wild.

Watch and reflect this rare display of human spirit at its truest.

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Cinderella. said...

YOu just said it all da !!
hafta watch it now...and I dunno for some reason your review reminds me of 'Crash'...!

...sigh...will it ever end ??

Am In Trance said...

Hmm.. U liked the movie na.. Now Read the Book too..!! Its Amazing..!!

The Writer's name is "Jon Krakauer"

Great Movie Dude.. N Great Book Too..!!


Mez said...

Thnks for sharing. Will try get my hands on it.

Nachi said...

i sort of like the soundtrack! now that we have the 'Ghosty Seal' of approval, i shall make it a point to go watch the movie (and no there ain't even a tiny bit of sarcasm involved).

Jon Krakauer's the original writer, eh? well have read him before. a book called 'Into Thin Air' or something like that...based upon the Everest climbing disaster. nice read.

ps: what do you mean by you too a Chelseaite???? we might have an issue serious enough here to have a drunken brawl over, Mr beer buddy!

Mythily said...

GP i have sent u a mail to ur gmail id...

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

:) Nice post..and looks like i have missed a lot of posts of urs :) will catch up soon!

Alok said...

Amazing review bro ... Man the way u started this post had me hooked .. Have to watch this movie now ..


gautami tripathy said...

I might as well watch it.

Are you ok?

I have to ask this!

If your mom says no, we can always run away. What do you say?



Keshi said...

o gawwd now I so wanna see it!


Jeevan said...

Your writing brings intense interest on watching into the Wild. This was a neat review bro, the pic gives an awesome feel!

brocasarea said...

hm....will try to watch it!!!..nice review!

Miladysa said...

This was a fantastic review [your best that I have read to date] and I shall look out for the film!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter despite the football results!

patrick said...

McCandless's story is tragic, but on the other hand so many people have benefited from hearing it... a couple of years of hitchhiking led to his story challenging thousands (millions?) of people to reexamine their lives


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