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Hillary 'I cry I get Nomination' Clinton

Oookay...abit of sanity returned, and it seems the delegate count difference is the same, Obama is still leading. And of course Hillaton is not letting up. But the sweet news is she is considering to run together with him, gasp! medications working? but she quickly cleared the warm bubbly feeling filling up democrats everywhere when she said he can be number two, just like everyone wants it. Good, Hillary can be numero uno, for about a term, or two or until she gets impeached, while Obama can be number 2 for 2 terms, and then number 1 for another 2 terms. That gives him a good 16 years to clean up America and bring some order to the world. (im good at basic math which make no real world sense). So anyway, why do I support Obama? Well coz theres like 26 million people in this country who wishes he was our Leader...hech...the whole word wishes he is our Leader. Along with Oprah as vice president, Denzel Washinton as Sec of State, and maybe give Rusell 'Gladiator' Crowe the Sec of Defense, commission the Cloverfield monster to protect America, Garfield as the White House Cat....sigh...I need sleep badly....chow folks.

*Did all the Men and Black People in Ohio and Rhode Island stayed home today?
And probably Texas too!
What...suddenly everyone has 3 am phone calls to worry about?

The Malaysian General Elections is on March the 8th, and I will be voting for the first time, and seriously, I don't give a FCK about it. We are a world apart from the US elections, a world apart in the process, in the importance and certainly in the characters who run for Office. I wish I could sleep and wake up next Monday so that I dont have to get on the bus and waste 10 hours traveling up and down the peninsular to vote for something that doesn't bring Change. And for Change in this country, I will wait for Pigs to populate the Moon.

[*] This is satire, a joke. Nothing else.


Mez said…
Keshi has left a comment for u. come n see.
Jeevan said…
I wish for a peaceful polling in the general election at Malaysia.
Cinderella. said…
Whatever it vote..
Every single opinion matters..
Cinderella. said…
Crushing on the Solitaire lady...are ya ?
Miladysa said…
I agree with Cinderella.

I have the right to vote because previous generations fought and struggled to give me that right.

"And for Change in this country, I will wait for Pigs to populate the Moon" Hee hee! :-D
Alok said…
Do vote .. each and every vote counts .... and you never know the outcome if everyone who thought they will not vote actually votes

d SINNER!!! said…
even if that wasn't a satire, it did make sense....

even i haven't voted...sometimes i feel bad abt it...
Pri said…
latest news flash SFTM(straight from the moon)----> "life forms detected...weird fat creatures with squirmy tails going 'oink oink'... "
Miladysa said…
LOL @ pri

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