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Glory Days

Last Sunday was my cousin, Kugan's convocation in UUM. So the whole family headed there, turned out to be a major clan gathering. It was a hot, very hot afternoon, a lot of babes...i mean graduates and a lonely Ghost.
I get a kick out of it every time some relative ask who I am...well the truth is I am a ghost at home too :p

UUM's MAS Hall, probably the biggest university hall in the country, and the most beautiful

This is Kugan. Proud day for him and on the way to become a Teacher soon, thats his passion for life.

The young clan members with a better fashion sense. They try and try to change me...sigh it never works

Grandma...the 'glue' that keeps the families together (and a 'war veteran' if you remember my past posts)

Kugan again...

I don't know what's the symbolism of this...but I guess it's the flight of the Phoenix...charting a new future for everyone who walks the halls of the university

[#] I'm back...less sick now...but still blur. (Never try self medication, the same medicines doesn't work all the time.)
[#] Happy Easter everyone!

Travelers: Indran, Ghost, Sandra, Kamales, Prasanna....and Kugan!


Donn said…
Fabulous..what a beautiful place.
I love your fancy schmancy artsy pose.

Get well and get going Ghostay.
Miladysa said…
Yay! Your are better :-D

Ghosty thank you for such an enjoyable post!

The people and buildings were both beautiful! I LOVE that photograph of you looking soooo mature.

How wonderful to see your Grandma - I hope my grandchildren will think of me as the 'glue' when they are grown up. I shall be very proud if they do so.

I wish both you and your family a Happy Easter from Me and Mine x
Vesper de Vil said…
great photos, thanks for sharing!
Cinderella. said…
Your grandma is shoo cute !!
And I rem'er your past posts about her..
The first pic is awesome...
Your pic looks like you're about to give a great great speech !!
Did the relatives who picque on ya ?
brocasarea said…
hope atb for him[cousin] the what were u really doing there[last snap...babe watching?]
Ghost Particle said…
[donn] thx donn. yeh...i was trying to ape one tamil comedian...heh.

[milady]happy easter to you and fmly too Milady. U will always be loved and remembered, no worries.

[vesper] hey! thx.

[cindy] nah...i was clowning around...they wont listen to my rant anyway da.

[brocasarea] thx! something like that bro...but they arent watching back :P
Jeevan said…
Very beautiful pictures and my congrats to your cousin. It was nicer seeing your grandma here bro. wow! there is our Ghost to just give a wonderful pose, sure more propose is on-line looking after this pic;)
Alok said…
u knw Ghosty more thn anything else this post reflected another part of you ... that u r a family man ... and men who admire their grandma are ranked very high in my eyes ...

Happy Holidays

Ghost, good that you stayed away from those babes! And did you ask you mom about marrying me?

How long do you think, I will wait?

yeskarthi said…
Sivanesan, Gugan arumaiyana peeru.
Patti peru sollave illayae yen?
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] thx bro, yeh grandma :) and the post...does it remind you of vadivelu in thalainagaram? :p

[alok] thx bro...well I only have her as a 1st generation now, no link wit india, so grany is the have passed away.

[gautami]well when she says forever...i dont know what that means....if she said go and do what you want...then i would have flown there... :) :P like i said...reality back being ghost my dear.

[karthi] sar... Gugan, then his bro's name is Prasana...nice names. Paati peyaru... is 'Ellamah' in English spelling but i think it should sound better in Tamil.
Keshi said…
*wolf whistles* @last pics! U LOOK GOOD Ghosty!!

aww I love the granma pic too...she's so adorable!

Im glad ur feeling alot less sick. The medicine u need is a HOLIDAY. Why dun u hop on a plane n go on a mini-break?

btw u mite like myh current my blog :) enjoy!


brocasarea said…
lol...better luck next time!
Solitaire said…
Looks like a great university!
Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] hehehe :P thx babe. yeh grandma is cool. i know i really longing for a good relaxing holiday. sigh. ill buy a plane soon...:P HUGS!

[brocasarea] yeh bro...thers always d next time! :p

[sneha] it is...but its just too far away from civ.

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