Thursday, March 13

Gastronomical Landscapes

What do you do when your have bloggers block, are running away from family and relatives talking about marriage and kids, post election news, and reality?
Why you post your boring ass travel photos!
All travels start with the noble idea of snapping artistic photos that will awe the world and bring loads of feel good comments. This is at a small fishing jetty somewhere in rural Kedah (we got lost :P)

And when you see the expanse of the landscape, you feel with the world. Those tiny white things are storks eating something on the empty paddy fields. If someone counted, there would be about 547 of them in this picture alone.

And the magnificent sunsets, the sky burning the polluted air and the resulting shades of orange and...hmmm...more orange.

And when you get bored of it all, you eat! The drinks are from left to right; Chinese tea, Iced Milk Tea, Longan drink and a chrysanthemum tea. And the food is char koay kak!

Or you can head to Penang and hop on a beca and eat real hawker food! Wohoooo!

Penang is full of Apartments and expensive Condo's!!!
(Actually Penang is renowned for its colonial architecture, beautiful Chinese, Buddhist and Indian temple's. We didn't snap any coz it was already night and raining)

And eat more! Yes, this is a species of squid, soaked in water. It tastes good in rojak sotong. The tiny stuff there are cockles and other members of the shell animal family thingy.

This is a Pasembor stall...those are fried stuff made of crab meat, fish, and other edible stuff...which are often described in western food shows as 'Weird Asian Food'.

From the stuff above in the Pasembor stall, you get this...The Pasembor, a heavenly food, covered with cucumber, some white turnip vegetable and a secret sauce. Oh by the way, don't over do it in Penang, when you choose the items to be made into pasembor, just choose the ones you like. A plate like above would cost around 20 to 30 bucks.

And finally after stuffing your walk down to the world famous (Lol) Gurney Drive and rest looking at the never ending horizon...or just be lazy and snap a photo from your car and head home and sleep...

The End.

[#] Travelers: Ghost, Indran, Kumar, Sandra and Vj


brocasarea said...

"Chinese tea, Iced Milk Tea, Longan drink"..u drank all this together???

Lawyer De Eva said...

This is Vj's lawyer. Please remove his picture from the post and make clear the fact that my client did NOT accompany you on the Penang trip. Adios ayacaramaba eva mendes.

Ghost Particle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ghost Particle said...

lawyer, probably you bought your certificate, the pics are from various trips and I dont know the Vj you are talking about. adios. oh, but please do sue me. :D

Miladysa said...

Which squid is VJ?


Miladysa said...

The boat photograph is my favourite ;-D

Alok said...

Loved them all Siva and more us the way u described the pics ... the pic of the boat is awesome ... it somehow has a haunting feel to it .. I will treasure the pic for a long time :)


Jeevan said...

Wonderful snaps taking at different moments and places u travel bro. I like the both blue and orange skies; Pasembor stall is colorful eating items;)

Hope u have a nice feel being with family and home.

carolinagal said...

Awesome pictures!! And the food looks yummmmmyyy!! I'm hungry now.

yeskarthi said...

Get married soon, then the trip will be double the pleasure.. :^)

d SINNER!!! said...

aha....awesome shots...

good food...

but travelogues actually make me JEALOUS!!!
God when will my time come???

Cinderella. said...

I so agree with 'yeskarthi'.
I have an odd premonition bhai. Are ya coming here bride-searching, eh ??!!!!!

Princess said...

lovely pics,

urs pics are influencing me to visit malay soon.. :D

Solitaire said...

You devil!
Did you have to post all those pictures!!? You know which ones I am talking about...
I hate you!

Nachi said...

the food sure looks good bro! nice shots...


but where's da beer???

Mez said...

Pics except foodie ones are nicez.

Pri said...

great pics...left me wanting more...
all except the foodie pics--i had enough of those...pretty filling!and err..frankly dint look too appetising for a second helping ;)


Keshi said...

boo! :)


Miladysa said...

Where are you Ghosty?

Don't tell me you are on your honeymoon?


Solitaire said...

Why didn't Mez and Pri not like the foodie ones?


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] thx dear. one day we have it here together.

[brocasarea] bro! nope...each had one separately...i love iced milk tea. :p

[milady] hahaha! vj was not there in wonder he wants to sue...I love the boat was just so full of stories.

[alok] thx bro. wat are memories without images...we shall live this images together.

[jeevs] thx bro. as always, not even the sky is the limit...just do what you feel like. we shall enjoy it together.

[carolinagl] :) thx for coming! it is yummy!

[karthi] that shall happen...for if its for the good, it will happen. :D thx sar.

[dsinner] your time shall come, and when it comes whos there to stop you, not even yourself na. maybe we will travel together.

[cindy] now thats a great possibility da.

[princess] most welcome here.

[sneha] grrr...hehehhe....what you like most...i shall send it to you. hmmm...maybe they dont know how it tastes!

[nachi] bro my man...what a pity that I went out with guys who dont drink...well atleast in public.we shall we shall one day bro.

[mez] thx mez.

[pri] :D...sometimes it looks overwhelming but then u cant stop eating it!!!

[milady] on my bed alright...down with flue. :p


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