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Sorry guys, down with a bad flue and fever. Will be back soon.
Was it me who wanted to blog till 2050? Sigh...
Oh! and guess what? The satellite TV subscription is off! Wohoo! (ouch...there's pain all over the body, I don't think this is normal flue N' fever)


Solitaire said…
I didn't know that ghosts could suffer from flu and fever and feel the pain of materialistic pleasures missing?!

Get well soon Mr. Mortal.
Cinderella. said… are you ?
You kinda invited it you know...with al the ungodly hours and all..!!
Ok, I dont wanna sound like a reprimanding gramma here. I hope there is someone there with you to tend to you and stuff..huh?
Didja see the doc ?
Lemme know if you're gonna be on YM.
Miss you.
Take care.
Nahuatl said…
have vodka! :D

and get ur ass back here.. u lazy bum of a ghost!
Miladysa said…
Plenty of rest and fluids Ghosty.

Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.

Get well soon.

M x
Keshi said…
*Doctor Keshi walks in*
*Checks Ghosty's pulse*
*Reckons he needs a HUG*


Any better now? :)

TC man! Miss ya.
You don't have a body to have all those stupid human ailments? Or are you fooling yourself?

Jeevan said…
Get well soon bro and take good rest.
Cinderella. said…
Howdy bhai ?
Princess said…
got well-eh?

if not get well soon.
Alok said…
u never told me Siva .. why what happened ... wht did the doc say ... r u better now
Ghost Particle said…
[sneha] I hate reality! :p Thanks girl.

[cindy] Im fine is not good at all...and next month Im going to get another round of the dreaded migraine...something like to the solstice...i dont know. :) Miss you always luv.

[nayan] now that is a good medicine!

[milady] missed you and your posts alot. gonna hijack your blog right now! thanx n hugs!

[keshi] ok the moment drkeshi walks in, everything jst flew away. :p hugs.

[gautami] hugs...thanx for letting me out of detention. I have been fooling myself and my body.

[jeevan] nanba, thanx bro.

[princess] thanx alot! hugs. will be coming there soon.

[alok] bro...:) i know...i tried hard to forget bout this pain, but then it just wont go away. a bit bettter. thx buddy.

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