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Arthur C. Clarke

R.I.P Sir Arthur

"Some ideas lasts a lifetime, and some create life itself for all lifetimes."


Keshi said…
RIP Sir!

He lived most of his life in Sri Lanka. I admire his passion for science and research. He was a great man.

Jeevan said…
I don’t know anything about him, but now know his important. he is a lose to science.
Miladysa said…
How are you feeling Ghosty?
d SINNER!!! said…
sad....he was a genius..

hws u?
Cinderella. said…
I'm so ignorant..I know nothing of this guy..
Nachi said…
RIP indeed!!

reminded me of V for Vendetta

"ideas are bullet proof".

..anyways, how are you holding up with the flu and all|??
Donn said…
I should have guessed that you would be a fan. Clarke was so far ahead of the Sagan and Asimov.

He was lucky to have written when he did because now we just take all of this technology for granted and the mystery is gone. We don't ooh and aah at it anymore we just get mad at it when it doesn't work.
Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] he found his freedom there, how a beautiful island with a turbulent atmosphere can give life to the greatest humans- he loved and enriched Lanka and the people of Lanka took care of him so well. He will not be forgotten.

[jeevan] he is the master among the grandmasters. and he inspired many, made our lives better.

[milady] im better now milady.

[dsinner]he is... im fine dear.

[cindy] he postulated the Geostationary orbit...but his life was low ley coz he wrote SF and not popular fiction. hemmm...

[nachi] yes bro. he made his mark very well. im better now bro. thx.

[donn] a hero indeed, as good as or better than sagan and asimov. the 3 authors who changed my life. we forget our own memories, how do we remember the others...sapiens are the worst ever aliens. escapeons never forget.
Jason said…
Hey Ghost.
You should watch this video of Clarke.

This is the very last interview he participated in.
Ghost Particle said…
[jason] thank you bro. it's a happy moment to see him say he lived for what he wanted and has nothing left to regret. he is truly amazing.
Keshi said…
yes isnt that amazing!

**how a beautiful island with a turbulent atmosphere can give life to the greatest humans

and alot of Sri Lankans fled the Island after the '83 riots. But to this man SL became a paradise, with all the troubles as well. I hv great RESPECT for him.


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