Sunday, February 17


Senza Una Donna - Without a Woman
A rare gem indeed.

[+] Senza Una Donna (Duet with Paul Young)
[+] Baila Morena (another great hit of Zucchero)
[+] Zucchero
[+] Zucchero Wiki
[#] My 700th post.


Miladysa said...

Yes! One of my favourites :]

Keshi said...

cool :)

Hows u Ghosty?


Jeevan said...

Nice music than the video, the guitar twinkles!

Your tag is done bro, check out.

Solitaire said...

Hey! I do IM! But not gtalk. Yahoo messenger. Do you use yahoo?

Solitaire said...

Did not realize until today that I had not blog rolled you!


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