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Where is the Freedom (of Democracy)?

[Update] Despite the crackdown in Kuala Lumpur, the rally went on around the world. Probably its time the authorities listen to the Indian community and remove the MIC Leader Samy Vellu, it's clearly a protest against him.
The Star [160 held after illegal ‘rose rally’]
"From the total, 151 were later released, including rally coordinator S. Manickavasagam and Hindraf adviser R. Raguram. Also released was an 11-year-old girl."
More photo updates[Rose4PM].
Article from BMahendran [love for the country...]
Send your reports and photos to BBC [ Malaysian police break up protest]. Scroll to the end of the article.
[CNN Article]

[Update 5pm] No new updates, the same story cycling in BBC, AlJazeera. I think everything is calm now (?). Will be waiting to find out about BMahen later tonight (updated 5.30pm; he is released from the temporary detention, he just updated in his sites shoutbox).

Sometimes I wonder if we Indians here has just turned into crowd followers, like following headers to listen to everything the opposition politicians say and do blindly things that should not be done. But then again another group of us will always say that we need a voice and we need people to make the government listen that we are not treated well, we are not doing well and we need our rights back and we need help. I don't know where I stand. It's so easy to lie and influence people to do stupid things, but when it comes to take the responsibility for change, no one will come forward. I will be doing my part in the coming elections, I hope all Indians here will do the same. For now, freedom is silenced, democracy is corrupted...just like the rest of the world :-(

[Updated 3.30pm] The organizers of the rally has a lot to answer, Why did they bring children to an illegal rally?
The detained children has been released (?) The rest of the detainees will be released by 5pm today. (Unconfirmed reports)
Aljazeera news update reports that the rally is by Hindraf.

[Updates] As more reports come in, it seems children who were at the march were picked up by the police and brought to a social center. (unconfirmed reports)

A peaceful 'Campaign of Roses' by Malaysian Indians has been disrupted by the riot police near the Parliamnet House, in KL. Police have refused permit for this gathering, planned for few weeks.
[+] AlJazeera [Hindu Protest Broken Up in Malaysia]. No video news update from AlJazeera yet, waiting for the next news update in 20 mins [RealPlayer News Update]. Just paste the link in your real player if the page doesn't load.

[+] Blogger BMahendran was arrested, among a few hundred others (unconfirmed reports). Blogger Ammu confirmed that Mahendran is detained with many others at a police training center in the city.

[+] Campaign of Roses [With photos, running update]

[+] Photo updates from [BMahendaran] (Server is slow, please check back, don't refresh too many times!).

[+] BBC updates [Malaysian police break up protest].

[+] Video update from

[Disclaimer: I, the owner of this site, DOES NOT support or condone any acts relating to this rally. This post is just for historical purposes -GP, 1.40pm, 16/02/08]


d SINNER!!! said…
Sad plight...

Being an outsider, I can't really follow every thing but whatever the basicity of such protests, violence and peace is one commn site all over the world...
Roses4PM said…
im fine dude. thkx alot for the support

take care.

-resting mode-
Miladysa said…
Take care.

M x

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