Wednesday, February 6


The opportunity to nominate a woman or an African-American to lead their party’s effort to reclaim the White House.
[#] So its reduced to gender OR color?

[#] Been very busy guys, will be back soon! TC all. Happy holidays if you celebrate The Spring Festival, Lunar, Chinese New Year.


Miladysa said...

I hate politics!

Happy Chinese New Year :]

Jeevan said...

In the true situation, there we need an opportunity for those bring peace and pleasure to people.

Take care bro, happy festival season :)

Piercing The Veil said...

i was thinking of that too.... gender or color for a change... which change is america more ready with...

happy year of the rat

Pauline said...

As one voice in this country I would state that neither gender nor color "should be" the question. I am an independent voter that prefers to determine the person, character, and goals of the candidate. The media is the source of categorizing this...against syndrome. The voters want to know what the issues are and where each candidate stands on them "We don't care about the gender or shade of skin!!! This discussion by the media holds us to the past and prevents the progress made with great strides. We need to get talking about the issues. Perhaps that is too much work to report.


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