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Music is Dead

And they continue to glorify junkies and suicidal maniacs....all hail freedom of expression. Rubbish like Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears should be put in jail for a very long time. With all the money they have, you'd think they would at least lead a good life...Good music is dying. At this rate, every drug addict, etc can come out with a record and sell millions to unsuspecting teenagers who would eventually follow the crap their idols are doing. Yes, the fans are immature, thats why this 'new age' artists can be considered to be unique and fresh. Along with whatever hard core stupid stuff that comes from hip hop and rap. This is not to say they are not talented, but their personal problems are not for us, it is not right, we have the right to judge what should be known and shown to the younger fans. So ban the news or ban the source?
(Or maybe I'm just way too old for award shows and 21st century popular music?)

It's a mad world...


I can only stomach the Grammys a for a few minutes at a time.

Is it just me or does anyone else find Kanye's insanely cocky persona completely revolting?

How much more insecure could one person appear? All of that braggin and chest thumping makes him look ridiculous and pathetic..the opposite of what he thinks!

Yeah I get that he didn't grow up in da ghetto and all that so why doesn't he just act like a normal person? I also know that most of the kids buyin' his load of crap are white suburban teenagers trying to osmotically smear some street cred by listenin' to his bragadoccio!

Word up Muthef*ckerS! That dawg don't hunt. Besides Music is no longer the medium for protest and intergenerational conflict you's out here...and you don't even need to learn how to spell or understand syntax...

I laughed at the mandatory country song performance about checkin' you out fer Ticks..oh gawd the blank stares on the faces of the Rock and Pop Stars in the audience was priceless.

Those new C&W singers want to be accepted by the Rock N Rollers so badly that it is pathetic.

Although I have found a lot of great new bands over the past few years I know that not one of them will ever have a 3 or 4 decade career like the Stones, Bowie, or MacCartney..never again.
It's not just demographics either..
it's technology, lack of artistic gravitas, and an irreversible decreasing attention span.
Jeevan said…
The publishers and news gives more important to their personal life than what they give to people. If one goes deep into ones personal life, it may create more trouble for others… we see some times fans attack each another for the personal interest of there stars.

I like the very clear video and the soft melody
Solitaire said…
Do we really have the right? Society evolves. We are only stuck in a time warp.
Nahuatl said…
loved the song. havent seen the movie.

sad scene going on everywhere.
and of course the original MAD WORLD by Tears For Fears is still the best version...full of that Cold War angst.
Keshi said…
Britney and Amy Winheouse arent musicians for me...they r just attention-seekers. but just cos some ppl crave their antics, it doesnt mean MUSIC IS DEAD Ghosty!

Dun forget the music created by ppl like Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury etc..they may be dead or even abused their lives with drugs etc...but THEY MADE UNDYING MUSIC! And thats all that matters. :)

d SINNER!!! said…
I wont say anythin about Amy as instead of all her personal probs, she has been delivering fab music...Britney she is in the news 4 all the wrong reason....

anyways, on one hand it is indeed right that these celebs who do everythin to anythin fr grabbing attention should nt be given much of attention, but on the other it also lets young people know the dangers of the 'celeb zone'...

Britney may be suffering from some serious problem...and i guess every person on this earth if has some wrong state mind wud be doin all that bullshit...but then the list doesn't end here...socialite Hilton and likes of these celebs are just a few...

But at the end o the day all I am worried abut is ...some good music...
Miladysa said…
I love Amy's music Ghost and think that she deserved to win the Awards - for her music.

I think that "recreational drugs" are a scurge on society and would like to see them all eliminated. I prefer not to judge Amy though and hope that she gets the drugs out of her system and sorts her life out soon.

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