Monday, February 4


Serious mess.
Maybe if I just ignore it, in one or two days it will clean itself.
Happy Start of the Week.

[+] Tagging everyone, snap ur messy workstation and post it in ur blogs. leave me a msg here.


Solitaire said...

This is a mess? Trust me its nothing compared to my mess.

Ghost Particle said...

Uh! My mess has be undermined! This iz war...please post ur messy workstations right now! :p

Cinderella. said...

I dont have a freakin' work station ever since I got this box of a thing called laptop.
Anywhere I mount it..that serves as the workstation, and I freakin' hate laptops for the very same reason.
So cant do the tag. But I sure loved your work-station. Just put a bulletine board on the wall, where you can put colourful cut-outs, pictures, photos jazz up your room. It does wonders to cheer you up, believe me !!

You doing good dear ?
I'm concerned.


Cinderella. said...

And secondly, a wanderer like me has to settle down somewhere to have things like that.
Maybe after a few months from now...I dunno.
Mind waiting, wouldja ??

Solitaire said...

Here you go!

Solitaire said...

So what does "oh my god" mean?!LOL!

Keshi said...

hell thats beyond just MESSY lol!

u want a pic of my desk? Sure I'll post one soon. u'll be VERY impressed. :)


Shiv said...

ada paavi

Jeevan said...

I will post my workstation sometime soon... it will become mess if I stop arranging thing daily.

That not much mess bro, take your time to clean :)

Miladysa said...

That doesn't look too bad! Only take you a short while to do. Sometimes it looks worse than it actually is. Think how good you will feel when it is all nice and tidy :]

BTW, how is that sink?!!! I have nightmares about your sink and its plant life!


Keshi said...

boooo! :)


Kavi said...

Messes are in our minds ! These 'messes' will disappear in 5 minutes time ! What say !


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