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I Am Superman

I Think.

I think I am Superman,
without the powers
And everyone around me is Dr. Octopus,
with 100 times superpowers
You see how my demons,
are not even from the same universe!
I honestly think,
all this is a big curse

It's not strange that,
people don't know I don't have powers
As I stand from my balcony,
I imagine looking at them from the tallest towers
They ask me to rescue them,
without realizing I cant fly
And all I can do,
is give up and cry

I think I am Superman,
without the powers
The world's in trouble,
and I send tributes of flowers
Sometimes delusions blind me,
even I don't know this
I want to see through walls,
but all that shall remain a wish

The girl across the street,
she's in my dreams
To make her my heroin,
I go to the extremes
I wore a cape,
kissed her in the rain
After that,
all I can remember is the pain


[#] GP, killing poetry since 1979.


d SINNER!!! said…

hmmm...we all are...and we all aren't....

strange hn!
Miladysa said…
I LOVED this Ghost.

I liked the repetition - as you know I am a great fan of repetition :]

I love all the different levels too!
Solitaire said…
Superman in love..experiences love with its pain..
Jeevan said…
Is it true bro, but i like the final flow :) Many times we are tributes of flowers, feeling sorrow for other suffers.
Vinesh said…
even real superheroes are known to be weak when it comes to love
Pauline said…
You seem pretty "super" to me...
Happy Valentine's Day!
from someone who believed she was Wonder Woman and capable of curing all :)
Cinderella. said… sad as it is,the corny part is, it actually sounds funny too. Sattires arent an easy job, but you brought it out well...!!
And I believe we all are powerless beings, just that we like to think that we aint, when we are on cloud 9.
Wait till you get there...then you'll see.
And get some Nelly Furtado.
Happy valentine's !! (How cheesy!)
*rolls eyes*

Cinderella. said…
And btw, I totally sgree with Puline, in her first line...

Keshi said…
u dun kill poetry Ghosty, u bring life to it!


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