Wednesday, February 20

The F Word!

Guess What!
Astro didn't sensor todays Seinfeld! (I'll get the episode later)
Elaine just said a big fat FUCK to Seinfeld! "Cramer just totally fucked up my matress!"
I heard it, I heard it you bloody Astro. Whatcha gotta say now?!
(yeh I am being dramatic...coz I havent slept in 18 hours...)
And there's more reason to be happy...finally I am waiting for the demise of the satellite TV few days....then its going to be really damn sweet...sweeeet! Grrrr....HAHAHAHAHA.... :D:D:D
Oh...Liverpool totally kicked Inter's ass back to Italy! Take that Materazzi you racist bugger!
Where am I going to watch footie if I don't have a satellite connection!


Keshi said...

Ghosty calm down. LOL!


Jeevan said...

Enjoy the new satellite connection bro :)

d SINNER!!! said...

no satellite connection..that's great!!!independent...

:Pooops,sorry abt the footbl thing...

Miladysa said...


Online? I am sure there is somewhere online where you can watch the UK premier matches free? I'll ask my sons.

You can also 'read' the matches has they happen on the BBC News Sport site:

Now, in the words of Keshi,

"Ghosty calm down" lol!


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