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Another 4 am post....

Just finished reading half of the blogs in my roll. But cant seem to comment in any. Feels like I leave the lamest comments in most of the blogs. I get spaced out so easily, ridiculous attention span. Will try again tomorrow.
Been listening to the same song looped since last night. Nice Tamil song (someone Youtubed it):

Had a breather from work today...since its the CNY and no client or agency will be at work. But nope, not everyone in the world celebrates this holiday, so probably I'll get more files in the morning. I think I'm turning into a robot. My brain(s) exercises 16 hours a day, pity that I don't.
This is a melancholic rant post.
How you guys been? 2008 is fast, very fast right?
Went to a numerologist /astrologer last Saturday. Looks like I'm getting married this year...which means only one thing. I need to get my passport ASAP and get my ass out of this country for a few years. Ghosts don't get married. Please God, no.
On a sadder note, it seems my migraine will continue till 2011, and will get worst along the way. Something even the doctor doesn't know. Ponstan, Cafergot, Tramadol, Stimetil...did I miss anything? oh kill myself.
Whats the worst thing that can happen if you don't change?
Was trying to fill in gap between work by cleaning the hard drive of my PC and sorting my emails. Seems like my mind is at peace now since I ditched my MSc. Seems like it. So the files, I think I have like 220 gigs of data right now, and I've decided not to delete any. I'm going to collect them, all giga, tera, peta bytes of em...till it fills the entire world I wont stop. I had a dream, and the dream is Information. I'm going to keep them, sort them and arrange them for the good of humankind. (Que for an entry like...please give me a job, Google...)
Going to watch some movies now...and read some books later...all 243 of them books in cryostasis in the room...
Take care, be safe, smile always.
Alls well that ends well.


Solitaire said…
You running away to another country to flee the wedding? Runaway groom?

Anyway, lend me some books PLEASE!
Cinderella. said…
I wanna give you a nice punch in the eye...and jerk you off your self-enforced melancholy for once and all...!!!
You rather come up with something nice else, I'm gonna come up there and beat the daylights out of you, you hear me ??
Miladysa said…

Did you doctor check your blood pressure?

If you get married this year can I dance at your wedding?

Keshi said…
u dun say Hello to Keshi anymore.. :*(

Keshi said…
u dun hv to change countries to avoid marriage...just say NO. :)

Jeevan said…
220gigs! you are a man of information :) I wonder why this too fast running year, take care and have fun on ur wish bro.
Keshi said…
wuts wrong Ghosty? email me.

Hey Ghosty, who said you get spaced out? And we don't think of you? I do! Chack it out at 10 to 10. You have been tagged. Now tax your brains and write that verse!

PS: You getting married? Weren't you supposed to marry me?!

Ghost Particle said…
[solitaire] I yam the runaway groom. :(

[cindy] ouch! I dont it will work...u know...i dont feel pain numb anyway... :p

[milady] i must get another bloodcheck done soon. of course u can dance at my wedding...if it happens anyway :p

[keshi] I tried saying no, but they wont listen. :) Hello Keshi.

[jeevan] thanx bro...maybe coz its aa rat year!

[gautami] ill b doing the tag after the current not getting scared of getting married :P

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