Monday, February 25

The 80th Oscars

Talent and Class

Jon Stewart was too good,
the show was simple and 'short',
the winners are from around the World!
and Daniel Day-Lewis was as excellent as ever.

And the music was magical because they dared to dream
Time to dig into more movies and work...
Have a nice week ahead everyone!


GP said...


d SINNER!!! said...


Miladysa said...

DDL is such a fine actor - one of the best.

Dame Helen Mirram looked absolutely blooming gorgeous! So refreshing to see a woman in the media who had not fallen victim to the plastic surgeons knife!

How's the apartment looking Ghosty?

Jeevan said...

It haven’t show any passionate this time, very simple it gone.

Homey said...

It was good. I knew that Jon would be fun..I thought that it was great that they let that gal come back and talk...wasn't that classy?

DDL is in a league of his own but I have to admit that I never thought that Clooney would become the King of Hollywood so quickly..and he alternates between comedy and drama with ease.


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