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it's 2.22
my house mate has been yakking on the phone for the last 2 hours!
hope his ears burn and fall off
I am procrastinating
deliberating my next move
whether to sleep or work
or to eat
I hear freaky sounds
from the staircase at the end of the block
or maybe the lift just falling off
with somebody inside
then I have a real cause
to move away from this apartment
today I celebrate something
which I forgot
just like how I forgot the deadline yesterday
I am happy to be non aligned with anything
a non aligned ghost...NAG...huh! forget it
this is not a poem
i just mentioned reverse psycho effect to Solitaire
is there such a thing
(by now you would have realized
that either I don't have no idea whatsoever to write a decent post,
or I am lazy to bring out the idea and elaborate it,
or I am just lazy
too lazy
to type)


Miladysa said…
Ghost I hate to say this but you are wrong... lol.. this is poetry or art :]

You have a housemate?
Why does he not clean the sink?
I need you to post a photograph of your sink when it is clean.
I worry about your sink.
If I lived close to you I would clean it for you.
If you are awake at 2.22 why do you not clean the sink?

Keshi said…
can u plz post a photo of both ur housemate and his ears burning. LOL!

Solitaire said…
And yet to typed all this while someone yakked in the background! Amazing!
Jeevan said…
It’s like having more times, but no interest. Bro did your house mate at least know you are blogging?
d SINNER!!! said…
thats actually intriguing...:)

i can never concentrate while sm one is chatting in the background....would prefer slipknot playing rather...:)
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] :D I have a housemate, who hates me, I will send a photograph, once ive done it, if you live close to me, u will have to cook for me, some good 'ol british food :p

[keshi] bahaha...heh! that would be nice kesh.

[solitaire] i wrote it in anger...:P

[jeevan] he doesn't know i blog about him, but he knows about my blog.

[dsinner] but if u get really angry, then you can write good things....i nearly threw the keyboard at him, just that one sweet food lover was chatting with me and calmed me down. :)
Miladysa said…
Ghost - If you come over here I will fed you and my sons will take you to see a decent football match ;-D
Miladysa said…
*feed* not *fed*!

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