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They Know Life?

...more than we do?

I read and watched and listened to this so called method movie makers, the ones who follow the great ones, the ones who claim they know how it 'feels', then ones who wrote themselves permission to stand on the shoulders of the giant, the one who bought themselves creative rights in this new age. They claim to document life, the ones that happen behind fences, the ones that goes on in rooms, in dark alleys, in torture chambers, in governments, in my mind.
And they say they know life?
What is life?
You ask me what is life? Life is tragedy. Life is struggle, life is a cruel comedy, a dark sitcom of directionless time. Life is about getting old. Life is not for anyone to define.
And you don't want all this?
Then eliminate every word that comes after 'Life' and all you have is LIFE.
I present you Life.


Miladysa said…
Clever post!
Keshi said…
wow very smart way to look at LIFE.

Life is also the opp of all u stated can be beautiful too Ghosty.

Keshi said…
and plz do take part in my current post ok Ghosty..I really want u to LOL!

Solitaire said…
I wish SRK, Yash Chopra, and Karan Johar would read this post!!
Homo Escapeons said…
Life is a cruel and meaningless..
all I can tell you is that you should save string.
Woody Allen.
Jeevan said…
Well said bro! One life is expressing through the sight and another one is living the life.
Pauline said…
Each breath is life with all of the things you mentioned to be shared and experienced. Life is the greatest gift we possess. It is "the college" for each human being.We should share our journey with each other for in doing so we are all enriched.
kG said…
Life is what it is, different, for each one of us. How does one put a label, or set definitive-perimeters on it? Bollocks, I tell you, these long-lived-and-experienced movie twats.
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] thanks as always. :)

[keshi] it is indeed kesh, we are living in a hall of mirrors.

[solitaire] movie makers are lying to us, but we are the ones who lived every truth they are hiding.

[HE] he is one smart man and a great movie maker.

[jeevs] very true nanba, no one can feel the fire and say the same watching it.

[pauline] and we share because we live in it and because we know that we too are connected in this race, in this life, in this world, in this learning. great words Pauline.

[kg] so true bro. we have a choice of not knowing what they make, but then we have the rights to defend what is ours, the only thing ours...our life.

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