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Thaipusam 2008 - SP - Day 1

Tired. Very.
But I do have some photos to load, which I am not very happy about.
Hoping...or rather praying ;-P for a better camera next year.
Hope to get better snaps tomorrow.

A beautifully decorated Kavadi.
Minimalistic, yet beautiful.
Idle, before the long walk...
They did it! Alien Vinayagar?
Pain or passion?
No words...
Connections...divine reality
Connections...with whom?
The power of the soul


Shiv said…
me too got bored of my canon...want to get a DSLR..waiting for the rt time!!!
Cinderella. said…
Your photographs make me jealous.
I recently lost my brand new Olympus. Someone I know stole it, we were visiting his place.
Can you believe that.
The think called bad luck is kinda engraved on my head I guess.
I've been attending a lot of farewell parties offlate, and i so miserably miss my Olympus while everyone is busy clicking.
Anyway...thats just life.
You doing good now ?
Miladysa said…
Amazingly colourful!
Keshi said…
The power of the soul indeed WOW!

Vesper said…
thanks for sharing. wow!
tulipspeaks said…
ah.. nice nice.

dont forget ur 'donation' to mindsblog :P

Jeevan said…
i was waiting to get a new canon powershot soon...

Very nice pics of most grand festival nanba. your bro is also taking kavadi like last year?
Alok said…
well u do wonders with ur present set Siva ... I would love to see what you do with a more sophisticated version ...

when heart connects with the unknown .. when what you believe is no more just what others have told you .. when you rise beyond your human flesh ... you attain powers that mere mortals like me can never gain .. for you can get Him only when you have completely lost yourself .. what pain what joy everything is mere expressions left ..

well done

Pauline said…
I think the pictures are great depicting the mood and energy. Thank you for sharing :)
ummi said…
It is amazing siva, to see this. Thank you for sharing. Waiting for this year's photos

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