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Thaipusam 2008 - 2 - SP

There was a bigger turnout in Sungai Petani this year, compared to the last few years. Could be partly because it was a working day and many did not travel to Batu Caves or Penang. Another tiring day, was walking around the normal Kavadi route, ~ 3 miles from the SP Vinayagar temple to the Murugan temple. Here's just a few snaps before I headed home.

A Chariot Kavadi
Heating the leather drum membranes for better sound (?)
Some of the Kavadi's today
Signs of trouble past midnight

Things did not turn out well at all at the temple after midnight (pic above), the riot police was there. I could not wait long, was just bored of waiting to see what's going on from outside the temple actually. Hoped the devotees and 'visitors' would just compromise and leave. In the midst of trouble, there will always be opportunists who will twist and turn the situation to their benefits. A few months ago we saw how easily can a small group of people affect the lives of a whole race, for good or for bad, I don't know. Today, it's still reverberating, for all the wrong reasons. I don't know how it ended, will have to wait for the TV news tomorrow.

[Updated] It seems that some Kavadi bearers came in late to the temple (which closes at 12 midnight). So there was a standoff between the devotees and the temple committee members. This is all that I could gather from the people on the street.

Till then, I just hope that everyone will spend the last day of Thaipusam today (Thursday) peacefully and look forward for a good year ahead and the next Thaipusam. Tomorrow there will be a chariot procession in the town of Sungai Petani. Hope to get more snaps tomorrow, and if you've not been in a Thaipusam chariot procession in SP, you can click to some past pics, it will be a beautiful cultural affair.


Miladysa said…
I love that first photograph!

Peace be with you Ghost :]
Keshi said…
wow Ghosty ur so religious. Im hopeless that way :)

Well said! As you rightly say, those few individuals like Samy Vellu & Gang are such a eyesore and and disgrace to the entire Indian community in Malaysia. Because of these scums who steel and cheat to make a living, all of us suffer. Why can't they like the rest of us make a honest day's living and be contended? Why should they corrupt everything they touch, including religious matters? ... sickening, right? Because of these goons, hundreds of thousands of good Hindus have been forced to stay from Batu Caves for Thaipusam this year.

As there are still many MIC types out there who emulate their criminal leader, I wonder if any change can be brought about through discourse alone. Still ... good work, and good reporting. Keep it up.
Jeevan said…
I too hope there was nothing to be troubled. I like the chariot pic, have good times at festival bro.
Pauline said…
A festival of light. Sad that some attempt to darken the celebration but as you powerfully stated they are but a few. Wonderful post!
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] Thanx Milady, peace be upon all of us. :)

[keshi] nah im not religious, I just love the colors and people and their passion :) just like you dear.

[Elanjelian] Sar, is that really you, Elan from SP? Thanx for the comment. I agree, for years they have been trashing us, its time the peoples temple belong to the people. We will rise and safeguard our future and this country. Did you visit the old Thaipusam posts? :)

[jeevan] thanx nanba. Hope you liked all the snaps.

[pauline] the human spirit shall prevail. Thanx dear.

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