Saturday, January 26

Sun Pillars or Sub Beams?

Vijay and myself went photographing the mangrove swamps when we captured this amazing images of sun pillars or sun beams(?)

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[+] My Submission


Shiv said...


Miladysa said...


Do you think they are an omen?

Alok said...

Pillars Siva ... pillars of strength ... reminder of inner capabilities and beliefs

amazing snaps

Jeevan said...

Wonderful shot!

Cinderella. said...

That was simply breath-taking.
Man !!!
You rock, you know that !!
Btw you've been tagged.

Nachi said...

sun pillars eh!! nice nice!!

been on a hiatus of sorts...being back in Baroda does that!

Kavi said...

Amazing GP !

Pauline said...

"Very" beautiful.

Ghost Particle said...

[shiv] it is :) Im so happy being able to capture it!

[MIlady] i think so, is says we are special in this universe, and we shall always be.

[alok] you said it right bro, it is nature showing us the way.

[jeevan] thanx brother. :)

[cindy] it is cool beyond words. :) Thanx dear, ill do the tag soon.

[nachi] man...u r traveling alot. Ill visit u now. :P

[kavi] It is sar! Just look at it.

[pauline] it is very beautiful dear. Amazing work of nature.


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