Saturday, January 5

Solar Cycle 24

Solar cycle 23 has 'unofficially' ended. The observation of a high latitude magnetically reversed sunspot signals the start of a new 11 year solar cycle. That also means that a gradual increase in sun activities, solar storms, short we're in for one hell of a ride soon. The peak will be around 2011-2013 depending on how accurate the predictions are, but the actual storm doesn't disappoint many predictions, being very accurate and at many times during cycle 23 throwing more than what we expected.

I don't know what my future as an astrophysicist gonna be in 2 weeks time, but I will be tracking cycle 24 independently in another blog.

Sunspots r beautiful :)

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Pauline said...

This is a little too complex for me my friend so I will permit you to notify me when and if I should become more prayerful. Happy New Year may the sun continue to shine but not fall ;)

Alok said...

I have spent the whole morning reading thru the materials provided on the net on this ... it is almost fascinating and intriguing .. thanks for this learning exercise


Jeevan said...

let hope nothing should happen to all. i heard this news some days back, but was not care would this happen. thanks bro.

Miladysa said...


Quite ominous then, coincides with the Mayan predicition? I think they said 2012?

Do I need to start building a boat?

Miladysa said...

You have won a 'You Make My Day' Award :)

Cinderella. said...

Heck yes they are...!!
On a different note,
I'm worried for 2011...Thats the time around when I'll be getting married...

Keshi said...

Im bak with the solar cycle ;-)


Ghost Particle said...

[Pauline] I will update it from time to time Pauline. Happy New Year to you too!

[alok] teach a man to fish :D...maybe u can be a scientist economist bro. what you say?

[jeevs] dont worry will be mild...i hope. :D

[milady] no ark yet milady. but we will know sooner rather than later if its bad. Thanx for the award! still have to do the post...not inspired enough and I cant get the time to run around the blogs to find super posts...will do it this week. hugs.

[cindy]oh dont wont be that bad. its atmospheric stuff mostly. you're have a super marriage dear.

[keshi] look whose backkk...hugs dear.


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