Saturday, January 19


I've watched Sivaji half a year after the release. Now I'm wondering why I watched in the first place. Is Rajni trying to do a Vijay? Or Shankar trying to do a Vijay movie? Or Vijay trying to do a Rajni? Who cares! Movie was good for an hour or so...then disaster... If everyone likes the bald Rajni at the end so much, hence everyone likes the anti-hero Rajini better than the good guy Rajni. So why cant they just make him a bad guy, or a badass guy in the new movie? Like how the original Billa turned out to be? Which of course makes Ajiths Billa better than Rajni's Billa because...urrrmmm...I dun like Rajni much? A computer system architect doesn't know what CPR is....pfhhh!
And could someone who made Indian can sink to this low? I just hope he doesn't make Robot or Robo or whatever sci-fi in the same line. It's going to stink, sink and make you say...but why?
Oh, I just had a bight fight with Billa my evil housemate coz of this movie. I bet worst things are to come...he's been shouting 'Boss' and flipping coins for a few hours now.
I ain't saying this movie stinks really bad, you have Dr. Joseph Vijay to set the standards for that. I'm just saying, why cant they spend 1% of the budget to do some RESEARCH!
Looks like Shankar is going to make Robot! With Rajni! Again! Good God!
I'm off to bed now. Ciao.
Oh...i think this 'was' a rant post!


Alok said...

'was' this a rant post :) so what I love ur rants ..."A computer system architect doesn't know what CPR is." ... do they still surprise u :)


Shiv said...

hey GP..
I dint know that u dint like Rajni...but I think many of those whom I know wouldnt want to read ur post...he he...but did u know Rajni got the NDTV best entertainer of the year and being in chn when his last 2 movies released, the hoopla in chn...Gosh...I knew how it was...anyways not pro or anti Rajni..just that I like his charisma that he holds these days...

Jeevan said...

I wonder what shanker is going to do with rajini with a star statue in his dream project that also makes us to think it with a sci-fi experiment. Dr. Joseph vijay!! Hehe... where is the end?...

Mystery said...

I agree kamal is a good actor...but rajini has something in him which makes ppl go crazy after him..:)
i dont even consider vijay an actor..half of his style is copied from some other actors...


Mystery said...

der is nothing wrong in wat u said...n i didnt mean it in a offensive way...etho sollanum n thonitchi..avlo than :)

Mystery said...

lol...oh god i dont want to use ur comment section as a chat mode...:)

"Its jst that normally ppl dont come back and read my replies in the blog"
unga comments avlo mosama irrukuma...yaarume thirimbi paakatha alavakku...;)


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