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Saturday Masala Mix

( Masala here, but I like the tittle.)

It grew out of the sink! landlady gonna faint if she sees this and the rest of the apartment.

I need to get up early to get shots like this. Early photographer gets the virgin shots. finally happened. The one place they haven't ventured, they signed a deal. It's Starbucks in heaven. Bet Vinayagar never knew this coming.

The only action on my bed. Books (and masala? :p) way to forget all the evil of the world for a few hours...

The Cloverfield monster reaches for the fries. Wonder whose hand is that, Vj? I so wanna eat real char kuey kak back home, hawker food in KL shucks!


Alok said…
"Early photographer gets the virgin shots" something tht we all know but hardly can express so eloquently .... as eloquent as the snaps ... i like these previews

Nachi said…
damn it! clean your kitchen bro...plants growing outta your sink is a disgrace.

and who needs Starbucks in heaven, they got madira (divine alcoholic nectar) there!

...and are those shrimps?? and fries?? mmmmm, now i'm hungry! :P
ANNA-LYS said…
LOL :-)

Thanks for dropping by at our community blog ;-)
Kavi said…
Lovey pics. You have AN EYE ! Am not sure if that came from the food though !!>!>

Hpoe the sun is on the bright side at your end.
Archikins said…
"Starbucks in Heaven" is a winner!! :p
Miladysa said…
Ghost - you need to clean your flat now or pay someone to do it for you.

I shall worry until I see a photograph of a sparkling sink.

I need to visit my youngest son tomorrow ... just to make sure he does not have plants in his sink ;)
Sudhakar said…
nice photographs
Cinderella. said…
The food looks yummy !!!!!
I so wanna have chinese now...but not from your kitchen..eeeewwww....

Clean up your kitchen dude...
Miladysa said…
Well? Does it sparkle yet?

My son was at the football so I shall have to surprise him later in the week ;)
Miladysa said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keshi said…
some 'food' for thought ha..:) not bad at all Ghosty!

Jeevan said…
I liked the flower that was to bloom… nice.

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