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Went on a short road trip the other day. Sometimes when you look back at the snaps, you can find weird connections. Nostalgic, memories not suitable for this day and age. But it is important because many of us forget our roots.

Rubber plantation, the origins of Malaysian Indians*
Home made puri, to die for. With vegetable curry- 'kirre' curry. One of a few things that keeps me coming home...and then leave yearning not for humans but for 'materials', landmarks in time of people, places, origins.

Can you find your connection in this?

[*] Not all but most of the Malaysian Indians came here from India to work in the rubber plantations, as with my grandparents. My grandma was later taken to work in the death railways in Thailand, she came back after the surrender not wanting to follow the Japanese general (?) back to Japan. Lucky the clan....Cant imagine a world without me!!! :)
Rubber plantations was not good at all, if you find the very few literature written on them you can read the deplorable living conditions, disease and unjust deaths during the colonial rules. But times change, only history remains. Some ghosts cant be exorcised...


Nachi said…
"Cant imagine a world without me!!! :)"

...of course, even we can't!

ps: the puris and the curry look delicious. :)
Miladysa said…
"Not all but most of the Malaysian Indians came here from India to work in the rubber plantations"

I had no idea - for some reason I always thought the workers on the rubber plantations were Chinese.
Keshi said…
that first pic...thats the kind of jungle we'd get lost in :)

I love PURIs!!

Tamils from India too came to SL to work in Tea estates..

Kavi said…
"But times change, only history remains. Some ghosts cant be exorcised..."

Those are amongst the most powerful lines i have read in recent times.
Jeevan said…
Puri is one of my favorite, but rarely eating these days. Snaps lives to connect the situation where everything was changed.

I read some where people from India are brought there to clear the forest to create Malaysia?
fascinating post, I love finding unexpected connections between things. Everything fits together...

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