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Unwanted Legacies

Suharto, the longest serving president of Indonesia died a few days back. It's no surprise that many former tyrant heads of states defended his legacy in building a modern day Indonesia as it is. Many Indonesians would be proud of what they have, as does Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and the rest of the developing countries. But why stop there, why don't they reveal the real Suharto? He is a mass murderer in the likes of Saddam. Saddam did not pick up the gun and shot all those people himself, his minions did. As did Suharto when he 'cleansed' East Timor. He is a dictator and tyrant who doesn't need glorification. I think many Indonesians would well remember of his atrocities, after all they removed him through street protests.

This is the future, the past is praying not to be dissected by the new world, new media totting 'younger' generation. Like it or not, we know the truth, it will hurt many, but we know the truth. And we will not stay silent while other 20th century political dinosaurs try to hold on to their crumbling legacies. We didn't forgive Hitler, why should we forgive his future compatriots just because the number of the fallen is less.

Hopefully by erasing the bitter memories of dictators and turbulent yesteryear politics, we can move towards true independence. We don't need 'guided' democracies when we are intelligent enough to know the rights and wrongs. Probably when everyone realise that economic and ecological survival should be prominent focus points, then the people can work together to correct the political and religious power plays and build a true human society.

Hope is for the ones who believe, who are willing to sacrifice. Our aspirations will come true when we believe.

[+] The East Timor genocide. It's no surprise that USA and Australian played a role in it.


Miladysa said…
You are feeling refreshed then Ghost?

Only a tiny proportion of a country's people actually elect the Government. Should we then apportion blame to Governments rather than the countries or peoples?

What do you think?

Or should we never seek to apportion 'blame'?
Keshi said…
** But why stop there, why don't they reveal the real Suharto? He is a mass murderer in the likes of Saddam

I agree, but the guy just died. So lets rem the good things.'

Jeevan said…
I dint get read to know his past life, but from your post I understand some. I agree, if everything could be change, the political can also do more if people come down from the history presents of mind.

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