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It's All Over

[Update] Thank you so much for the encouraging words comrades. Love you all. Will update details soon. Bleak is the word of the hour.

Just as the body wishes not to be enslaved
the mind too wishes for its freedom
grant me a wish tomorrow
a wish for all tomorrows
because its all over
and I failed
this time


Miladysa said…
Oh dear!

There's always the next time :)

Lovely words.

Are they your fish?
Keshi said…
thats a haunting pic that goes very well the verse!

I agree with Milady..there's always another time...another day. So wait for it to dawn. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Btw Ghosty, if u read comments by an anony commentor called 'Deshi' in my Cricket post (towards the end of the comment section), u'll laugh LOL! He/she even questioned my conscience living in Aus! All cos of a game called CRICKET. How pathetic ha!


Hv a good one!
Alok said…
Siva I am reading this more of a view for I hope you arent talking of ur projects ....

I found the verse extremely powerful

Archikins said…
Success/Failure - its all relative. Your verse contains hope and that shows that its not over yet!
Sudhakar said…
Life is a process containing success and failures.
Jeevan said…
This fish gives birth to these small ones? I wish you all best tomorrow.

Happy Pongal to you and your family nanba, have some enjoyable times in your home :)
Nachi said…
passing on the advice i got from you..."go hit the tavern bro!"


cheer up! go watch 'Taare Zameen Par'. finally a nice hindi movie after a long time.
homo escapeons said…
I would never wish,
to be the big fish,
in a small dish.
Nahuatl said…
Move the bowl away
Don't kill the fishes, u sick maniac :P
Kavi said…
Things have a way of working out ! Thai pirandhal vazhi pirakkum ! Happy pongal !
Pauline said…
What is failure? Who determines failure? I love the photo a petri dish? Is that not the place for loss and gain a place where unknown make their names. Don't be so harsh on yourself. Life is a ladder taken one step at a time.
Cinderella. said…
Dude you ok ?
Ofcourse you can start all over again. I have had to do that a lotta times ! And that aint that that bad, you know.
So,cheer up !!!!
My viva was good. Dont feel like stcudying for the theories...ugh !
Trying to.
Howdy my dear ?
Miladysa said…
Hello Ghost :)

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