Monday, January 7

How to Play Life?

Dont worry, this is not an advice post. It's another rant post. rant rant rat...i have a huge rat in my apartment. So another year started and another week jst flew past...whoosh...without us knowing. Jolly good. I'll start with Liverpool and then sink to the low scums of the earth and universe; new Year resolutions (my a**).

Whoever been following English soccer would know the deep pile of dung that Liverpool is in, 18 years without a title and continuously humiliated by Manure Unite, Arsenal, Chelsea, and 1000 other teams from the championship to no league's. Yes, England has that many teams. So what makes a team? I dont know, I dont care. I'm going numb watching them draw for the millionth time this season. I thank the mighty Gods my evil housemate is a Liverpool supporter, cant imagine what would happen if he's MU! Ooo nightmare. So if everything goes according to plan, Rafa Benitez a.k.a the Liverpool FC coach will be sacked, hit the sack, kicked the futball bucket by the end of the season. And a new coach will take another decade to win us the cup. God Bless scouse. (and the rest of you can go watch ur cricket...:p)

What about the weekends?'s like they never last. Seriously, you cant do anything proper on weekends! I planed so many things that I ended up watching movies and sleeping all the way. And did my work last night midnight. grrr...

Ok now to the resolutions lah. See i wanted to stop drinking soda in 2008, but what happened? I celebrated the new year with the good ol root beer and booze. not a good sign to ward of those free-radicals and bad acids and sugar they put in those cans. And then second resolution was to clean up the house, which I am now officially postponing to 2009 coz i know I wont definitely do it. Next resolution is to stop watching the telly...coz I'm getting an overdose of Youtube anyway. But see I succeeded in doing that for the last two months...but from January 1st...I've been watching telly for like 6 to 8 hours a day! that too while doing work which decreases productivity, increases distraction and results in an overall destruction of the world stock markets because of negative economic indicators from the booming third world economics now being eaten alive by China and the increasing oil prices. Amen.
The next resolution would be the money I make. Which means no more binge shopping...impulse shopping...watever you call it. Save stingy...cut down on starbucks! Im gonna brew my own coffee.

Dats all d resolutions for wait...yeh...get a girl...damn almost forgot this. Any mirror shattering dark haired blue eyed supermodel physicist girl out there who are interested in slightly overweight talk dark handsome blogger nerd food aficionado...please mail me with a full picture of yourself and the picture of the last thing you cooked.
Thats all for today, I'm gonna go bake a cake...instead of typing my thesis.
Have a nice start of the week folks.

[#] not time to edit this post, so plz bear wit me wit the spellings...


Miladysa said...

"please mail me with a full picture of yourself and the picture of the last thing you cooked."

I laughed so much my sides are aching! I will come to your wedding and dance - if I receive an invitation that is ;)

You could be getting "The Special One" at Liverpool? I like him.

Jeevan said...

"ooo wait...yeh...get a girl...damn almost forgot this" important thing should not forget bro :D

hope everything is on the way, I wish you all success in your resolutions.

thesignedphotograph said...

"life is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so..." xxx

Nachi said...

"get yourself a girl."

...for starters, try cleaning the house on a daily basis, start posting pictures of the stuff you cook along with the recipes and quit being such a fanatic footsy fan and couch potato, the gals will follow! if not willing to do all of this and more (*more to the point of infinity*)then come join the brotherhood...


ps: if you manage to actually live up to your last resolution then tell me "how?"

kG said...

This post of yours indicates that you've found the answer to your question in the last comment page--"what happens when you waste a few days?".

I know, I really know what it's like to make resolutions/plans/have hopes/and make wishes. I know them as well I do the fat/slim/voluptuous chances of pulling them off. And it is therefore that I find sensible to not have such things.

Just...remind yourself, consciously. Resolutions are things that get swallowed into the subconscious, and later into the unconscious--aging with the rest of their kind.

Try reasoning with yourself. If you're planning to have coffee, Starbucks even, go ahead. Cut down elsewhere, like on booze. Coz I seriously see no point in drinking Nescafe as a substitute for Starbucks (personal prejudice!).

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] :p ofcourse u will be invited...IF i get married :D We might I hope...Im sad for rafa, he did great but cant keep his head on the field. I think he is an emotional lad who thinks to much about what people say...jst like me. :)

[jeevs] thanx pa...i appreciate your words.

[tsigned] so true! :)

[nachi]bro...I thought i was in the brotherhood already! :( I will tell u if i mailbox is still empty. hahahahaha.... Ooo and im going to start a foodie blog soon. No delaying that.

[kG] yes, i found the answers...the problem is that i keep slipping back into the old habits and fail to dump some demons that I should have done long ago.
resolutions doesnt work until we get sick enough for it to work itself. I understand what you said bro, its just a collage of memories of what could have been done but not done. I wont dump starbucks for life...unless i get myself a 100k barista machine that is. nescafe sucks!

Alok said...

for a starter why a physicist girl ... Siva dont restrict ur imagination man .... and see how ur resolution comes true ...

Weekend these days are such a mess for me too .. either I clear the mess or simply pile (or file) them up for next week and sleep off the whole two days and then work my ass off the whole of the next week ... glad u found humour in this :) sometimes pain does give rise to humour (if u know wht I mean) lol

TC bro


tulipspeaks said...

eh.. u only wnt a physicist gal ah?? nutritionist can or not? :P



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