Friday, January 11


At the height of insanity, I'm having cold pizza and coke for breakfast. I did it big time this time, I've become the...Greedy FreelancerTM ©!
30 hours done, 60 more to go.
I can't feel m fngrs...


tulipspeaks said...

eh.. all u need is roti canai + teh tarik.

venuma? i belanja.


Nachi said...

oh man! cold pizza!! yummmy! i loooovvvvveeeeeeee cold pizza for breakfast. cold pizza and cold chicken taste the best.

greedy bro! hog on...


Keshi said...

Pizza for brekky? LOL! Sometimes I eat rice for brekky..rarely tho :)


Jeevan said...

the hours will run soon... be relaxed bro :)

Miladysa said...

pizza? for breakfast? does your mother know? ;)

Alok said...

so u finally did have pizza and ove ragain ..... I settled with chapati and over again :)

and for work will be going to office tom ... sucks


Pauline said...

Don't feel too guilty for yesterdays breakfast for me was left over chicken ;)We do not have to abide by the advertised rules for breaking fast. Have a great day!

Kavi said...

Was it filling..? Was it tasty ? Did it go with the mood ?


Ghost Particle said...

[ammu] teh tarik n roti. aaaaaa...dowan. im so over local food alledi...nasi lemak still the best back home only.

[nachi] i hear ya bro...have u tried cold fried fish with chili sauce...dayum! :)

[keshi] i tried rice before Kesh, i fall asleep by noon.

[jeevs] thanx nanba, I hope so too.

[milady] No she doesnt...hahaha...if im back home Ill get decent good food though :(

[alok] is a struggle to eat what we want but having to eat the same daily. sad but true. :( Hope we get a break from work soon.

[pauline] Thanx dear pauline! chicken in the morning is the the best. Yes, change the convention daily!

[kavi] it went with the mood sar, it was nice. but cant be doing it daily. :D


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