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Gender Race

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York rode a wave of female support to victory over Senator Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday night.
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[#] This pretty much sums up Hillary, she cried and then women voted for her? The hottest position on the planet is in line and she went for women sentiment. This is the world we're talking about, I hope this primary doesn't reflect America's total view on Hillary. Obama is a much more transparent, fresh and determined candidate than Hillary who obviously is a tool of her husband. The best for her and everyone is to team up with Obama and take office and do some good. Issues like the gender sentiment and gender parade seems trivial compared to foreign policy, war and the imminent recession.
[+] For Obama, the majority still can sway in his direction.[Read Full]
[+] Exit Poll shows majority of women voted for Hillary;[Exit Stats],[Read Full]


Nahuatl said…
heheh.. ppl!! sigh! :)
Archikins said…
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Archikins said…
Well, i don't think it was the women's sentiment that won the vote. Her image was dropping because she was trying to win the campaign by attacking Obama and in the process came across as headstrong/arrogant. I think her expressing her emotion showed her more human side and that's probably what allowed people see her in a different light.
Miladysa said…
Ghost - I read a post on another blog the other day - for the moment I fail to remember which blog it was. Suffice to say, it did not appear from those who had known and worked with Mrs Clinton that she was anyone's puppet.

I just wish politics was about the issues and NOT the personalities. Then again I'm a dreamer.
Kavi said…
Its going to be a tough election !!
Alok said…
Politics is a funny game ... and somehow they would have said the same thing o themselves when they started out but then something change along the way ... that changes everything else ...

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men"-

Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] :P yeh ppl.

[arch] i believe this is isolated into this incident alone. she did cry, and Obama was stronger. jst see the exit polls. LIke you said, she did what any human would do. I just hope even if she wins over Obama, that she would not be bogged down by petty sentiments.

[milady] u r right too Milady, but I am very sure she is desprete. Before knowing that Obama would want the 'job', I like what CLinton would have done, but then now she is just another 'he' in the fight. And yes, Bill was the president who brought change, so lets hope the idea passes along.

[kavi] it is going to be tight sar!

[alok] excellent quote. the hot seat will cool once people step up to there, even God. When u have a national of free will and freedom, no mere councilor can get away wit sticking a chewing gum under a seat, thats how American democracy work, but then again, it is Democracy and not Free Will. :D

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