Thursday, January 17

The Future Is Not Born Till Tomorrow

I did something really stupid that everytime I look back, it makes me feel really bad, and I got no solution for this. Something spanning 5 years. This just went down bad, really really bad. I've been a Zombie for the past 2 weeks, trying to hide my emotions, but it's killing me. I don't know how am I going to get through this, or get out of this or make people understand. I think I disappointed more people than I disappointed myself. I lied to myself all this while. But I'm accepting it, if it has to be like this, then be it. I have no regrets, just lost chances.

And I am back.


Miladysa said...


Ghost - "To err is human; to forgive, divine."

There is not one single human being in this world who does not feel the same way about something in their life.

Feeling terrible and worrying about it will not help - trust me. Try to turn those negative feelings into positives - make amends where you can.

Learn to forgive yourself and move on.

I am here for you if I can help in any way.

Miladysa x

Keshi said...

**I think I disappointed more people than I disappointed myself

its easier to do that than disappointing one's self. But as long as u know ur only human, plz dun regret ur mistakes..we learn from em, dun we?


Nachi said...

glad to have you back bro. and don't worry, life has more sh*t than the uncleaned loo of an Indian Railways train, but there are better things out there as well.


cheer up, and give it time. you shall overcome the disappointment...looking forward to the Cloverfield review! and for God's sake, release the movie in India as well!!

Pauline said...

"The future is not born until tomorrow"
Who could say it any better than that!!!
A tea tag line I read and saved many years ago reads:
If a man could have half his wishes he would double his troubles.
I suggest you wait for the new birth of tomorrow.

Ghost Particle said...

[MIlady] A big thanx for the words. HUGS. I am so finished with this, it sapped my soul and heart. But I will go on. I will forgive myself. I will make the best out of this. I will need to do it. And the offer, I hope it stays forever... :).

[keshi] Yes we do Keshi, we do. The bigger problem is making people close to us understand. That will be hard. :(

[nachi] Time heals...hope its a short process though because I hate this kind of emotional breaks from the blogworld that I so love. Hugs bro, I loved your anniversary post.

Ghost Particle said...

[Pauline] You are wise, when I am in moments of madness. But I dont want to fake it by saying that Im recovered, im not, yet. But then I am able to think so I'm safe right? :) I will wait for the new tomorrow, and then I will thank the Gods for friends like you.

Miladysa said...

Eternity and beyond :)

Katie McKenna said...

Don't look back! We only have now!

Alok said...

Siva you can never disappoint others nor can you please them ... though it is a constant endeavor on our parts to see that we wont dissapoint our loved ones .... it seldom happens becoz the threads of expectation from us becomes thicker than it should be ... and then when u look back people who really loved you were disspointed in the turn of the events and never in you .... take care bro and I am glad you were able to think through it

and as to dissapointment of self ... well the more we expect from ourselves the more we will be disspointment .. so we shld ... (thats another topic of discussion for another day :))





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