Tuesday, January 8


Of all the things I want now
of all the things I dream of
of all the things I wish for
of all the days I stay awake for
of all the evenings I die for
of all the nights I wait for
of all the people I love
of all the time I live for
I wish for only one thing
I wish I could relieve the past 5 years
I wish I could redo every moment of it
I wish I could change all the things that went wrong
I wish I could prove that I am someone
I wish I could find the real me
I wish I am, myself
I wish I am me


homo escapeons said...

I found out who the real YOU is while I was reading your poem.

You just keep being the best 'You' everyday and that's all that can be expected...
I would like to undo the last 50 years...
OK maybe 30...no 40ish...
see I can't even decide how far back I would go.

Javits said...

Enganging lines.

But whats done is done,
Don't leave whats lies ahead, undone.

Javits said...

Engaging* (typo)

Nachi said...

undo the past 5 years! *sigh* yes, there are many things that could have been and might have been if only...and now that they are all past, the solutions are very simple. but then, i have only a few regrets in life. and changing the past seems like a very drastic measure to remedy them!


cheer up bro! keep a watch on your inbox for me, will ya. a blue eyed physicist is not an 'absolute must' criterion for me! ;)

Jeevan said...

Life is a lesson, past very well plays in future. I wish for your wishes :)

Miladysa said...

I agree with Jeevan.

Everything is for a reason :)

LOVE this poem, you are on form and would not be writing so well if it had not been for the past five years ;)

thesignedphotograph said...

That's brilliant. Really likee x

Alok said...

if u change all that has happened in the past, will u be able to write these wonderful lines sans those experienced ...

I wiah I am me ... I wish I am me all thru my life ... ur post touches the very concept of my life ... which otherwise would not have necessitated breathing

wonderfully done



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