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Cloverfield: The Review

Managed to get in time to the cinema, despite Billa, my semi evil housemate being late. Went to the counter to get the booked tickets (15 mins before the show) and the girl went, 'you just buy the tickets la, there's plenty more :D . Tickets you need to collect 45 mins before the show'. So I got the tickets, got the drinks and saw the Cloverfield headless Statue of Liberty cardboard advert. A picture would have looked smacking good here, just that some idiot at that right moment decided to 'touch' it! The Statute crashed to the ground, no sound, no monster in sight. All the dudes there tried to put it together back, but they failed. Sigh. So all you get is the snap of the tickets.

Cloverfield turned out to be good, and I mean really good. Compared to a whole of load of passable flicks over the year, this one had great premise and originality (which I think many Blair Witch fans wont admit). 2008 kicks of with a bang with the Cloverfield monster and here is the mini review, spoiler free of course.

I don't know what kind of spoiler there is if any, and unless I post the monster's pic here, there isn't any major spoilers to spoil your experience. This is one movie worth the time (all 90 minutes of it). You'd probably read a great deal of it online by now, but nothing will prepare you for this. The characters are good and 'well placed', I don't know much about movie dynamics, but getting all unknown small screen stars into the movie featuring a very original and extremely pissed off monster is cinema magic. And JJ Abrams together with directer Matt Reeves and writer Drew Goddard (Lost, Alias, Buffy) have a hard to fail package on their hand and what is destined to be a very big blockbuster.
The story is simple; unsuspecting cool city dwellers+one normal night+on big kick-ass monster = big boom. In it are smaller not so complex arcs but the monster takes the center stage. Because basically, we waited 6 freakin months to see it! The waiting part is a big story itself. The viral sites, the photos, the fake breaking news of monster attacks and now a Manga?! And I can say that what we saw in the trailer is nothing compared to how it all 'goes down'!
How JJ pulled this off is movie history by now, he is a genius in the leagues of Einstein, Fenyman, Biil Waterson, Eric get the picture. Rebels who dare to dream or dares to say 'Who the F cares what you think'? But in here lies a dilemma, from what I observed, (first day, 3rd show), there aren't many people in the cinema. I bet the halls will be packed tonight and over the weekend, but how many of them would understand this kind of movie making and the fact that this movie is not a standalone popcorn flick? It is a new media movie, you have to get the lowdown of it in the Internet at some point to even piece the things together. And like the Korean 'The Host', this movie has emotions, real human emotions, is fast, candid, funny and if you observe really closely, how today's world will react to any kind of attack on their lives first, then their surroundings. (Not many will want to delve into abstract analysis of this movie, but they gave Matrix a great deal of off-screen critical dissection, so who knows. And if I explain more on what I'm talking here, I will have to tell one important story within the movie. I wont, lets keep the analysis for the future.)

For now, go ahead, book your tickets and enjoy the movie. And please post if you liked it, and how many of the movie goers went 'Sht, what the heck was that to....err....that's all?'. It's a big movie and but also one that the conventional movie goers wont be able to comprehend much. Yet again, the story is straightforward and doest need to be watched from any other viewpoints. You don't have to dig for hidden messages. (The DVD when its released will do it for you ;P).

If you're unlucky not to get/book a ticket for this week, rent the DVD of The Host and get an idea of what 21st century monster movies should be. And DON'T read newspaper reviews or worst the ones that's on the web.

With Cloverfield, JJ Abrams welcomes you to the new golden age of Monster movie making (hopefully). And I bet this is not the last of the Cloverfield monster. Many imitators will come, some might have enough eye candy to blow you away, but they will alas remain, imitators.

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This better be good.
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kG said...

But I live so far away from a cinema! I'm talking about a place which has almost zero % geographical significance here. Perhaps I dramatize, and maybe exaggerate a little.

In any case, however, I live in the Boondocks. So the movie'll have to wait for me, or should I by some strike of luck get a day off from work, will go to the Mall (I leave it as just mall. The word itself is a privilege).

Miladysa said...

"and will definitely wont be understood how important it is or how good it is by someone over 40"

Hmmm... how much do you want to bet?!

*stamps foot, stands with hands on hips*


Keshi said...

lol @Miladysa's comment!


Ghost Particle said...

[milady] I did it again. :( Ill remove that line :P What I meant was that the locals...coz the movie was short and the whole thing was shot in a hand held. Ill remove the line. :D

Katie McKenna said...

lol.. shot down by age? :) cheers!

Nachi said...

hummmmph! forget it, the only way i am ever going to be able to see this movie is to download it. the freakkin people out here in Baroda (or even A'bad for that matter) won't even consider screening such a movie! my other best bet would be to travel to Mumbai to catch the movie...

anyways, haven't been to the movies in a long time...but have promised my gorgeous 'femme fatal' movie going mate that i'd take her to the movies when i get back to Baroda!! so looking forward to that. :)

Miladysa said...

LOL :)

Alok said...

I now know why u want me to see this ... will try to catch it ... but am not sure ... lets c



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